The Podwits were welcomed with open arms to the 20th annual Borgnine Night at Tortilla Flats, an event at the legendary bar in New York City.


Here are some photos courtesy of Yorkshire Girl and Photographer Paul from :

We arrived and settled in, directly across from the iconic “Borgnine Booth”. We then started our session:


Shortly after starting up, we were joined by the man in charge at Tortilla Flats and the overseer of Borgnine Night, Andy:


After our interview, we continued with our podcast and before long the festivities ensued and the night was started properly with a call to the man himself, Ernest Borgnine:


After Andy’s chat with Borgnine, the MC took over and the games begun.


‘Pin the Grin’ on Borgnine contest (won by our very own Yorkshire Girl):


Then the 20th annual “Borgnine Look Alike Contest”, which Brian and Dion both partook in:


Then we settled in for some good conversation and eats:


A great night had by all at the legendary Tortilla Flats. If you are a Borgnine fan or not, you should definitely patronize this great eatery on the lower West-side of Manhattan.

We’ll see you there next year! ~