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It’s been a year… um, or so… since J. and Brian last gave vent to their thoughts, feelings, and conspiracy theories regarding that venerable television institution known as Doctor Who. So, although this year’s adventures are just beginning, join our two Who-ligans as they look back at the last twelve months… um, or so… of  all […]

Today the comics world has lost another one of its pioneers.  Carmine Infantino has passed away at age 87. As a DC Comics fan, Infantino’s influence is impossible to overstate.  During his tenure at DC, the Brooklyn native was responsible for creating one of the founding members of the Justice League of America… the Silver […]

On Saturday, March 30, Doctor Who returned to the airwaves for the second half of Series Seven.  Let me start off by saying that for all intents and purposes this REALLY should be the eighth series, but whatever.  The first episode of the spring set, “The Bells of Saint John”, was everything that I’ve come to […]