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Responsibilities: Build, manage and develop strategic partnerships with key internal players (inside and outside the PPS) and external, to promote the department`s priorities for promoting partnership and compliance excellence. Proactive identification and escalation of potential compliance issues, which may affect the ability to meet regulatory requirements and business objectives – regularly verify the adequacy of existing PV agreements and, if necessary, conduct a review – proactively identify risks or disagreements in a partnership and address critically over time, involve leaders when needed – independent negotiation, implementation and maintenance of global PV agreements – oversees various internal reports on compliance with PV agreements for PV functions and external partners, problems, proposes corrective measures and calls for corrective measures to – the electronic database to maintain global and local PV agreements – provides support for affiliation for verification and implementation of local PV agreements – acts as a link within the departments in PPS , to ensure the understanding, implementation and implementation of PV agreements – to use the knowledge of companies. plans and sets up good practice and knowledge exchange forums with internal stakeholders and external advisory groups. Basic Qualifications: Bachelor`s Degree with a related health history, BSN, BS, BS Pharm, PHarmD. PV Agreements – Alliance Management (PAAM) Specialist manages and facilitates effective working relationships with Global Patient Safety – Epidemiology (GPS-E), Business Partners (BPs) and strategic divisions within the company`s subsidiaries/subsidiaries to promote contractual agreements and ensure the smooth, accurate and timely running of onboarding functions. The PAAM specialist is familiar with pharmacovigilance agreements (PVAs) /Safety Data Exchange Agreements (SDEAs) in contractual relationships and acts as an important point of contact for internal and external clients who manage these alliances directly and through support staff. It negotiates and maintains global pharmacovigilance licensing agreements, including compliance maintenance. Also responsible for contributing to new business efforts. 4.

Coordinate the APV/SDEA EXAMEN by the security investigation team, summarize comments on the agreements and participate in the negotiations of the agreement. 10. Keep and organize internal PAAM files (BP agreements, supporting documents, minutes of meetings). You must have excellent skills and abilities below: Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know why you are reporting this work with the appropriate details. 9. Organize and host meetings and create minutes/discussion summaries. Ask for items for and set the agendas. Send draft protocols/comment summaries to internal GPS and BPs and distribute definitive summaries to all participants and chief gps staff. Follow the discussions with the participants on the solution of the action points from the meetings.

Oral and written planning of communication and organization of decision-making and decision-making processes, resolution of judgments and problems c. Personal Relationships, Team Building, Staff Motivation and Influence of Other Initiatives and Responsibility Management Groups To promote innovation and process improvement For the maintenance of activities and coordination activities Negotiation skills Strong analytical skills Writing and writing skills Good technical skills in writing and writing and writing skills, Manage several projects at the same time 8. Work with interoperated groups that are responsible for BP`s client activities, such as (not limited to) Business Alliance/Development, Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Operations, Quality Assurance, Law and Project Management.

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