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Under Portuguese general corporate law, an S.A. must have at least five founding shareholders. Conversely, an Lda. have at least two shareholders, unless they assume the structure of a single quota holder company (sociedade unipessoal por quotas), in which case the capital is held in full by a single quota holder. In an SA, shareholders appoint the board of directors, usually for a four-year term (but the statutes may provide for a shorter term of office). There are no requirements for independent directors (excluding listed companies). In an Lda. Directors may be appointed for the duration of their term of office or without a specific mandate, in which case they remain appointed until they are removed or resigned. SAs and Lda.s differ from other available structures when shareholder liability is unlimited (sociedade em nome colectivo and sociedade em comandita), although these are rarely used today.

The capital of an Lda. is divided into quotas that may have different nominal values with a minimum of 1.00 euros. Quotas are not made in a document and their transfer must be made by written agreement, followed by the corresponding filing with the Trade Registry Office. (4) and partnership companies (sociedade em comandita). These are the strengths, if you want to know, the essentials of corporate law in Portugal. This article was written by “Sousa Machado, Ferreira da Costa e Associados” for “E-IURE COMPENDIUM” 2018. Link to the e-IURE network. This collaboration is a brief step-by-step guide.

It cannot in any way be regarded as legal advice. If you want or need legal advice, ask for a lawyer or law firm. In this case, Sousa Machado, Ferreira da Costa e Associados is an excellent option in Portugal The SAs need a board of directors (or a board of directors and a board of directors, depending on the organizational structure adopted). European companies (Societas Europaea) may be incorporated in Portugal, provided they are headquartered in Portugal or are owned by Portuguese corporate companies.

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