Facebook Merchant Agreement

Posted: September 20, 2021 by Podwits Administrator in Uncategorized

These policies provide instructions on how merchants who use checkout on Facebook Marketplace, Page Shops, and Instagram should fulfill and send orders. They help merchants understand the type of help expected after a buyer has made a purchase and how to contact buyers if they request a refund or something doesn`t go as planned. It looks like you`re having problems with the window that pops up and asks you to “accept the terms.” This is something that some other merchants have experienced in the past, and it seems to be related to a setting in most updated browsers that prevents cross-site tracking. We`ve found that disabling this setting helps solve this problem and allows merchants to accept the terms of this window, so I recommend you try doing it to see if you can connect your Facebook page properly. Ok, so I have a Shopify account that sells T-shirts (here), then a Facebook page and an Instagram account where I want to sell and advertise the shirts. I followed the setup order here: www.facebook.com/products/catalogs/new and everything set up correctly as far as I can judge: we highly recommend that you review each of these policies, policies, and agreements, as you must comply with them to obtain and maintain the right to sell on Facebook platforms. Many of these policies apply to everyone on our platforms, while some are specific to the companies that sell their products. Responsible companies will have little trouble keeping up with them. Links to the full guidelines can be found in the Continue Learning section below. Check their customer service emails often so people can contact you if they have any issues.

Reacting quickly creates trust, shows customers that you value them, and can increase your revenue. Once you have accepted the terms and policies, you can choose the type of checkout you prefer. In other words, choose your payment method when you open a Facebook store. In general, there are two methods of checkout on Facebook – message to buy and withdraw on another site. Message to Buy means that a buyer can purchase the product by sending you a message. The other option allows you to send people to other e-commerce sites, from where they complete their purchases. This error is usually caused by a local issue that can be resolved by performing different troubleshooting methods. Facebook does a lot of things automatically and fixing your CTA is no exception.

It creates your call-to-action button in the right corner under your wallpaper that leads to your page`s store. Famous brands like Tiffany & Co. use a simple message in their CTAs: Shop Now. However, if you have created a store on Facebook, you can simply change the CTA button and even associate your site with it.

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