Good Faith Agreement Nz

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This implies, but is not limited to, the requirement not to do, directly or indirectly, anything that could mislead or deceive another party, or mislead or deceive. 3.12 The parties shall not undermine or do anything that would prejudice the negotiations or the authority of the other in the negotiations. An attack on behaviour is probably a violation of faith. This behaviour implies that an employer who performs his duty in good faith is likely to have a more productive and harmonious labour relationship. As such, employees will be happier in their work, which will have a positive impact on worker productivity. It can also prevent there from being personal complaints that can cost both time and money, especially for small businesses. 1.2 This Code does not replace the law. These limits are as follows: employers may communicate to workers a factual allegation or a reasonably defended opinion about their company or the affairs of a trade union. This includes testifying to the employer`s proposals regarding the liquidation of the agreement. However, such a statement or opinion shall not be made for the purpose of convincing workers not to participate in collective bargaining or not to be subject to a collective agreement. Section 4(4) contains a (non-exhaustive) list of situations in which the duty of good faith applies: if relationships are based on good faith, it is easier to cope with the additional pressure and problems that arise during collective bargaining.

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