Huawei Service Agreement

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Thank you for choosing the huawei CLOUD Enterprise Management Service. Huawei Service (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and related companies (hereinafter referred to as “HUAWEI CLOUD”) make available to you the HUAWEI CLOUD Business Management Service (hereinafter referred to as “this Service”) on the basis of the terms of this Agreement. Before using this service, read this statement carefully (including any changes made in the future) and do not use the service if you do not agree with the terms contained therein. If you have any questions, contact HUAWEI CLOUD. (1) This statement may be updated at any time by HUAWEI CLOUD. After the publication of the updated and announced statement on the official website of HUAWEI CLOUD, the initial conditions will be immediately replaced by the updates. HUAWEI CLOUD will not make any additional notification. You can request the latest version of this agreement on the official website of Huawei CLOUD. If you do not fully agree to Huawei`s new agreement, immediately terminate the use of this service. By continuing to use this service, you represent and warrant that you accept all updated terms.

(2) For matters not covered by this statement, we refer to the Huawei Cloud Customer Agreement ( (4) HUAWEI CLOUD only provides service support for the business management service. It is not legally responsible for transactions relating to account and fund settlement transactions between main accounts and member accounts. 3. Disputes relating to money transfers and withdrawals shall be settled by the users themselves. Huawei CLOUD assumes no responsibility for such acts. This instruction will be effective if you select and use this service. By using the Service, you represent and warrant that you have read, understood and accepted all content of this Agreement. (6) Payment: A member account cannot withdraw money associated with a master account. Payment is only allowed if the allocated funds have been recovered from the main accounts. (7) The funds allocated are intended only for transactions on HUAWEI CLOUD and not for non-commercial purposes. After finding an incorrect assignment, HUAWEI CLOUD has the right to terminate access to this service and reserves the right to claim compensation for the losses suffered.

(5) Billing: HUAWEI CLOUD charges users. (8) You acknowledge and agree that when you provide personal data from an Enterprise sub-account to Huawei Cloud, you have lawfully obtained the consent of the data subjects. HUAWEI CLOUD processes and protects the personal data mentioned above in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Huawei CLOUD Enterprise Management offers companies multi-account hierarchical management, including cloud resources, human resources and financial management. With this service, you can manage the organizational relationship between companies (for example.B. parent companies and subsidiaries), departments and projects. The entity`s master account may carry out financial management operations such as transfers and withdrawals of funds for its member accounts. (2) Users who request this service (including main accounts and member accounts) promise that the information provided for the assignment of the account is genuine, accurate and valid, including, but not limited to, the parameters of the assignment relationship. A HUAWEI CLOUD account that applies for this service and can add one or more other HUAWEI CLOUD accounts as member accounts. This account is one of the highest levels of business management. HUAWEI CLOUD accounts added as member accounts from a master account of a HUAWEI CLOUD enterprise customer who requested the service….

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