Ipsa Model Volunteer Intern Agreement

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has developed a charter that proposes a code of good management practice in order to succeed as efficiently as possible in an internship. W4MP supports this Code of Conduct and recommends it to all those who participate in and participate in internships. From the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) “Internships that work – a guide for employers”: www.cipd.co.uk/hr-resources/guides/internships-employers-guide.aspxFor information on short-term internships for pupils or students is available on our page “Organising internships in an MP office” Introduce them to people. Make sure your intern meets many other new interns. Maybe you can have lunch with other researchers and their interns or go to the sports and social club to get their first taste of parliamentary gin. If you pay your intern, you must present them with a formal employment contract. If you can`t pay your intern, it`s always important to make sure they know what they can expect from the internship and what you can get in return. See the following information about IPSA and its Model Volunteer Intern Agreement. It`s also a good idea to introduce it to someone outside the office with whom your intern can talk if they have a problem. There should always be someone other than you and your MPs to talk to if they are not satisfied with any aspect of their internship. So, your intern leaves.

In the meantime, you are probably inseparable and you are sure to have seen the splendor of a tear in the eyes of your MP when they leave for the constituency after the last departure. Or maybe everything was a little more professional and stiffer than that. But no matter how it went, it`s important to end an internship with as much thought as it started. Your intern needs an appropriate evaluation of the internship, either through a meeting with you or with your MP, so that they can receive positive feedback and areas of development. You may also be able to help them if you are looking for a job in Parliament or if you give references. “During their stay in an organization, interns should be treated with exactly the same professionalism and due diligence as regular staff. They should not be considered “visitors” to the organization or automatically assigned to routine tasks that do not use their skills. Organisations should allow trainees to occasionally participate in job interviews or to meet the requirements of studies. “The ICPD recommends that organizations offering internships adhere to a voluntary code of conduct, described in the following sections, which is indicated in bold and italics. MEPs may take care of volunteers and unpaid trainees. . .


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