Leave And Licence Agreement Fees

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The registration of leave and licence is provided for in section 55 Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 (MAH). ACT NO. 18 OF 2000) (w.e.f. 31-3-2000) Section 55. Mandatory rental agreement. (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of this Act or any other law currently in force, any holiday, licence or rental of premises agreement entered into between the lessor and the lessee or.dem licensee after the entry into force of this Act shall be in writing and registered in accordance with the Registration Act. 1908. (2) The lessor is responsible for registering such a contract and, in the absence of a registered written agreement, the lessee`s assertion as to the conditions under which premises were given to the lessee or leased by the lessor on vacation and licensed shall have priority, unless proven otherwise. 3. Any owner who violates the provisions of this section is liable to a term of imprisonment of up to 3 months in case of conviction or a fine equal to 5000/ or both. In the Maharashtra State License governed by the Homologation Act 1882, Section 52. “Licence” means where a person grants another person or a number of other persons the right to do or continue to do something in or on the property of the licensor, which would be unlawful without such a right, and that right does not constitute an easement or interest in the property; the right is called a license. Note: The rental of a property on vacation and License Basic does not allow the licensee to take an interest in the premises and makes certain rights of use and use or enjoyment of a residential or commercial property for a limited time.

10% x refundable deposit x number of years of the contract = C 2. The registration fee is 1000 / – if your property is covered by Corporation and Rs. 500 / – if the property is located in rural area. GOVERNMENT OF MAHARASHTRA Thursday, 8 July 2000 Part 4 A REVENUE AND FOREST DEPARTMENT Mantralaya, Mumbai 400,032, date 8 June 2000 COMMUNICATION The Registration Act, 1908. No. RGN.2000/2120/CR-592/M-1- In the exercise of the powers conferred on the State of Maharashtra by sections 78 and 79 of the Registration Act 1908 (XVI of 1908), in conjunction with subsection (1) of section 55 of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 (Mah). XVIII of 2000) the Government of Maharashtra hereby amends, with effect from the date of issue of such notification, the SCHEDULE OF FEES established in accordance with section 78 above and under government notification, Revenue Department No. RGN.

1558/67731-N of 17 July 1961, as required by the above-mentioned section 79, namely: “III A For the registration of a document relating to consent to leave and licence, if that document relates to property; in the area of a limits; Municipal Corporation ₹ 1000 In any other territory ₹ 500 On order and on behalf of the Governor of Maharashtra, P. . . .

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