Manure Transfer Agreement

Posted: September 26, 2021 by Podwits Administrator in Uncategorized

A company can expand its land base for slurry application, either by buying more land, renting more land, or renting additional assets. Sometimes these options are not well suited: the appropriate surfaces are not available in the immediate vicinity, the culture is not part of the current operation, or moving to this store requires a considerable investment. The agreement may also contain other party-specific conditions, such as: nutrient trading programs are complex and must include parties that have nutrients and individuals who can improve the environment at a lower cost than parties with excess nutrients. However, if well-functioning nutrient markets do not remove enough nutrients from a watershed, water quality credit may be a viable option. Often, the value of slurry nutrients as fertilizer is a sufficient incentive to promote the movement of slurry off-site. The servitude defines the rights and conditions of the agreement and “walks with the country”, so that when the country is sold, the breeder always has the right to carry the slurry on the land. Here are two publications on slurry services and agreements. Q: Is it a rule that I have an MTA for transferring slurry to my farm? A: Yes….

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