Shared Driveway Maintenance Agreement

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The moral of the story, like so many others, is. Anticipate. Identify problems and be prepared. Having to conclude a common entry agreement at the last minute contributes to the dispute. And to learn that there is a problem. Easements are registered within the county where a property is located, so a title report or real estate survey should describe the property rights of a potential buyer. Einhorn, Barbarito, Frost & Botwinick, a law firm in Denville, New Jersey, that deals with real estate matters, says homeowners can also check their title insurance on easements in terms of use or access to the entrance. “You have to look at it on a case-by-case basis, house by house,” Kasprisin said. If your common entrance is the only one in a residential area where everyone else has their own driveway, “it`s going to affect the value a little bit, because it`s something else.” However, if you`ve had a particularly strained relationship with your neighbors about aisle sharing, you may find that aisle sharing is the best option before the sale. Marshall, Roth & Gregory, a law firm in Asheville, North Carolina, that handles estate planning and real estate transactions, said real estate agents should be mindful of these “shared access issues” before listing the property and closing. Regardless of how the common aisle has been used before, owners and users should record their ownership limits, responsibilities and costs in a document such as a driveway sharing agreement, these lawyers say.

Of course, not all properties with a common entrance are to be avoided or will lead a common entrance to Fisticuffs. However, problems related to common entrances should be anticipated by potentials and sellers and their real estate agents. A buyer may also find that a common entry is not a big compromise for another benefit, he added. “If I have a garage with seven cars, but a common entrance, I may not want the common entrance, but wow, I can have a garage for seven cars. Sometimes we take the good with the bad. » Coveted parking lots: In cities like Brooklyn, New York, where parking is expensive, a common entrance is a “sought-after” feature, whether it`s shared with someone else. Kasprisin said he always reveals when a property has a common entrance and often has to explain to buyers what that means. “Sometimes it`s not a problem for the buyer, until you make it a problem by letting them know it could happen,” he said. “It doesn`t really bother a buyer until they find out what the responsibility is or what problems might arise.” A common entrance may be common for some buyers, but it shouldn`t be a barrier to selling your home.

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