Software Development Profit Sharing Agreement

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. Avoid this if you can. The customer should pay as much as possible, but never nothing. Suppose you can take on > 75% of your development costs from that customer/partner, then you might consider taking a percentage of the revenue – take as long as possible and receive everything in writing. Hello, I am an experienced business lawyer in the activity for a multinational with a British and Irish presence, who performs internal software licenses and IT project work. I know British laws and the more COMPLETE treaty standard. This Agreement constitutes the full understanding of the Parties and supersedes all prior oral or written agreements concerning the subject matter annexed thereto. Customer has access to updated, tabular and spatial real estate data stored on Customer`s server for the use of CourthouseUSA in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The two parties may agree on other arrangements for the distribution of data from the client to the contractor.

CONSIDERING that the company and the representative wish to enter into an agreement under which [PARTNER 1] and [PARTNER 2] share the profits from the sale of the product due to the efforts of the representative, in accordance with the conditions set out therein. If necessary, the Contractor will convert the data made available or made available into a common courthouseUSA format. Data in a common format facilitates standard queries, value-added data development, and access to valuable 3rd party applications. All services required by the Contractor under this Agreement shall be free of charge to the procuring entity. The contractor shall undertake and pay to the payer a percentage of the revenue from the sale or licensing of the data made available by the contracting entity or shall also make available to the contracting authority free of charge application software and a SaaS service. A list of options available to client courts can be found in Appendix A. In return for the tasks performed under this Agreement, the representative shall be entitled to [percentage] of the profits made for the sale of the product, which are the direct result of the representative`s efforts. The representative continues to benefit from the profit sharing of continuing sales, which is a direct result of the efforts made by the representative; Ideas are cheap.

It is the implementation that really matters. If he didn`t instruct you to create the app for him and pay you what your time is worth, I would give him a very meager cut of earnings….

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