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The ‘Wits of Pod are all over the place this week! Brian lays out his new exercise regiment, utilizing The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan, before they dash into the highly recommended documentary about the BBC series Sherlock entitled Unlocking Sherlock. Then the lads get into a spirited discussion about VFX pioneer and filmmaker Douglas Trumbull‘s new […]

Tube Boobs

Posted: 1st September 2012 by Podwits Administrator in Podcast, Television
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J and Brian, obviously flailing about without the steadying influence of the still-MIA Dion, manage to drag themselves out of the swamp of talking about comic books non-stop and instead turn their attention to something much more intellectually worthwhile: television! They’ve got thoughts on the new season of Doctor Who debuting this weekend, and some other […]

With Brian on temporary assignment, this installment finds Dion and J dissecting Asylum Pictures, the new CBS series based on Sherlock Holmes called Elementary, and the shocking news of a slated Justice League film, without any set prequels to ignite the franchise. Do the guys think it is a good idea to have the proverbial cart before […]