The PodwitsHas it been a week already?! Well the boys are in the galley cooking up a brand new, steaming edition of The Podwits Podcast! Dion regroups with J. Marcus on what he missed last week and adds his two-cents regarding spy music themes and Disney only using the David Tennant years in rerun. That leads to a stroll down memory lane thanks largely to the channel METV, as they discuss some of their favorite shows like Star Trek TOS and NG, and Irwin Allen and his babies Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and ’70’s disaster films. Dion laments about the wonderful philanthropic endeavors by the great Richard Basehart, which brings them to 1980’s episodic television and as always, David Hasselhoff and …OJ Simpson? And I Love Lucy in color?! They finally serve desert with their reactions to the momentous teaser trailers released the week before.

The boys are cooking up seven courses from all over the world this week, and watch out because you may just learn something on an all new Podwits Podcast!


Check the Sneak Peek at the brand new, colorized I Love Lucy.

Here’s Richard Basehart‘s wonderful and awesome charity, Actors and Other for Animals.

A MUST WATCH, take a look David Hasselhoff‘s beyond-amazing new music video, True Survivor.