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PW_Pulp_RectThis week, on Podwits Crossfire!: What are the acceptable limits of fan behavior? On one side, representing law, order, self-awareness, and a cautious approach to velour, it’s J. Marcus! And on the other side, representing chaos, board games, and flags of the freak variety, it’s Brian! Plus: dead people cosplaying, that time Brian thought he’d fly the Space Shuttle, and a mysterious birthday gift from J.! (Join the #WarpCoreConvo debate on Twitter – @podwits)

The PodwitsThis week finds the boys on the run, after an ill-advised attempt to play John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd, now recording their podcast from their current hideout, a waste-basket cabinet at a local Manhattan eatery. They briefly try to dissect whatever you want to call the latest act of buffoonery by Kanye West at this year’s Grammy Awards (cue insert foot here graphic). They then progress (or digress) into how companies can be complete and utter douches, and shrine their Podwit-flashlights on the mega company that controls Red Bull and their war on a small Virginia microbrewery, and another company’s attempt to retain a copyright to the beloved property Wheel of Time, even going to the extreme action of buying overnight-infomercial time to play a haphazardly done pilot, staring of all people, Billy Zane.  It’s good times had by all by pointing of the ironies of the day, with yet another fun-fueled installment of The Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsIn this episode: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Quaid Brothers ouevre, deeply personal movies (like Frequency and Zack and Miri Make a Porno) and Saturday Night Live all get the one of a kind Podwits treatment! Another week, another fine collection of trivia, hijinks and non-sequiturs is yours, courtesy of Dion, J. and Brian!

Podwits PodcastThis week on an all new episode of the Podwits podcast, the boys do a show about them prepping to do a show while at the same time, doing a show. Sound confusing? Well imagine being a part of it! They chat about concepts of time and exactly what the heck the Podwits are doing when they are not being spun on the old jukebox; they also delve into My Little Pony & Dion’s discovery of what Bronies are, which leads into a long pseudo-psychoanalysis of modern cartoons; J. spells his love out for Kevin Smith, including the director’s latest film Tusk; and is using Dramatic Shorthand a cop-out? As well as what kind of TV do you watch when stuck in the ER for 8+ hours like Dion was the other week- the lead is not buried, we do find out the gory story about why he was spending so much time watching television at the local Emergency Room. So come on down and have a listen to another always enjoyable and thought-provoking episode of The Podwits!

Here is the Jason Biggs Twitter controversy from 2012 eluded to in the podcast. 

Night of the Podwits!“When a pop culture topic proves too baffling for the minds of anyone with a brain in their heads, they turn to the talents of… Department P!” Yes, suave super-agents J. Marcus and Brian Zino are your hosts this week, getting into all sorts of shenanigans as they debate how important a prepared ending is for a TV series. Plus, Brian gives you the lowdown on the classic (and ahead of its time) British TV series Department S, J. worries about Marvel’s big upcoming Secret Wars event, and the boys talk about the latest developments to come out of Spider-Verse. Get your decoder rings, folks, the game is afoot!

The PodwitsWelcome to this week’s all-new edition of The Podwits Podcast!  Thanks to a spectacular technical error on behalf of the engineering staff, this week’s podcast was recorded TWICE!  Though, you’ll only have to listen to the second, new and improved version.  In an effort to capture lightning in a bottle, Dion and J. try to hit all the topics from their missing podcast at LIGHTNING SPEED!  It’s like getting all the usual Podwits goodness and so much more!  I can guarantee you this, though… there are not nearly as many exclamation points in the podcast as there are in this write-up!!!  So sit back, relax your earholes and get ready for another exciting episode of The Podwits Podcast!

(This cast originally aired the 18th of February, 2012.)

The Podwits take the show on the road and record LIVE from the 20th annualBorgnine Night” at the legendary Tortilla Flats in New York City! The proprietor of the bar, Andy, sits down and discusses the history of “Borgnine Night” and the cult status it has now achieved. Will Dion ever be able to top this episode’s “Borgninian Moment of the Week“? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

All that and a preview of an upcoming Podwits EXCLUSIVE interview with NYPD and Film legend Randy Jurgensen.

And a special thanks to for providing not just the beautiful cover art for this week’s cast, but for shooting the evening for us!

The PodwitsThe boys usher in the New Year with talk of documentaries, and the annoyance of the Documentarian interjecting themselves into the narrative and becoming the central character- is that at all necessary? Then of course, like all good academic conversations, the topic leads to porn and the numbing of the modern mind to the naked image and what now can be found online… and well, so much so that they actually had to edit out a recollection that wasn’t approved by the censors and the Hayes Code!

So come have a listen to the first cast of 2015- and also hear the exclusive, announcement the Podwits have on the all new Podcast premiering in the coming weeks! Please come down and have a listen!!!

Check out the original leaked videos that led to the great 2010 documentary Winnebago Man.

And here are details of New York City’s famous, lost 1960’s club’s, Steve Paul’s The Scene.

Well the Podwits rip their topics right from the headlines this week! Podwits Podcast

After one of our beloved Wits of Pod confesses to a horrible invasion of the vicious Bedbug some years ago, they take listener’s Twitter questions on the subject, before they move on to the uproar surrounding the casting of Ridley Scott‘s Exodus:Gods and Kings film, the Sony Pictures debacle and how the film The Interview was even greenlit, and Bill Cosby‘s fall from grace. They end on a high note, discussing Atlantic City and the sad downfall of prestige related to casino gambling.  We’re all lining up for a chance at the One-Armed-Bandit this week in an all new episode of the Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsOn this week’s delightful edition of “The Podwits Podcast”, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about beer and so much more as Brian “Dr. All Y’all” Zino takes us through the in’s and out’s of IPAs and what exactly it takes to ‘skunk’ a beer (not to mention a very special choice for this week’s edition of ‘What’s Brian Drinking’?)  The Wits Of Pod then chase it with an in-depth look at what the recent SONY data breach may mean for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whether or not a certain webslinger may finally swing on over  to the MCU Proper!

It’s got action, adventure and mystery in this week’s brand-spanking new “Podwits Podcast”.  Pull up a pew and relax those earholes!