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Screen-shot-2013-05-13-at-11.21.45-AMJ. Marcus here with another of my open letters to folks I admire.  This time, I am addressing the one and only Joss Whedon, creator of such incredible programming as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, as well as the man behind the Avengers films (to name but a few of his incredible accomplishments.)  A lot has been said in the media lately about Mr. Whedon and by Mr. Whedon himself, and with all that, it seemed like a good time to put in my two cents, for what they’re worth.  So here goes…

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Podwits Podcast(Originally Aired April 2014) The Podwits have a VERY special edition of the podcast this week, with AM 331’s own Yorkshire Girl in studio to expound on anything and everything that matters… And what does the lovely lady have on her mind? Horror movies; the amazing sub-subgenre that is the 1970’s TV movie; the love for Darren McGavin‘s Kolchak The Night Stalker and Vincent Price; and, their obsession (and the UK‘s) with Peter Falk’s Columboplus a heck of a lot more! Yes it’s a jammed-packed episode, so come on down and have a listen!


PreOrder a Signed Copy of the 50th Anniversary Edition of Vincent and Mary Price‘s amazing cookbook, “A Treasure of Great Recipes, being released in September of 2015.

Dion was mistaken when he said Clint Walker was in 1977’s SnowBeast, in fact it was Robert Logan.

Jeremy Brett was the actor who couldn’t be recalled that played Sherlock Holmes in the 1980’s.

Here is the website for all the Columbophiles in the world who want to know everything there is to know about the great detective.

Number 2 son, Victor Sen Yung‘s great cookbook The Great Wok Cookbook, is here.

And Robert Conrad was the actor Yorkshire Girl and Dion could not remember who guested in a legendary Columbo, where we see one of the few times the policemen lose his temper.

The PodwitsHas it been a week already?! Well the boys are in the galley cooking up a brand new, steaming edition of The Podwits Podcast! Dion regroups with J. Marcus on what he missed last week and adds his two-cents regarding spy music themes and Disney only using the David Tennant years in rerun. That leads to a stroll down memory lane thanks largely to the channel METV, as they discuss some of their favorite shows like Star Trek TOS and NG, and Irwin Allen and his babies Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and ’70’s disaster films. Dion laments about the wonderful philanthropic endeavors by the great Richard Basehart, which brings them to 1980’s episodic television and as always, David Hasselhoff and …OJ Simpson? And I Love Lucy in color?! They finally serve desert with their reactions to the momentous teaser trailers released the week before.

The boys are cooking up seven courses from all over the world this week, and watch out because you may just learn something on an all new Podwits Podcast!


Check the Sneak Peek at the brand new, colorized I Love Lucy.

Here’s Richard Basehart‘s wonderful and awesome charity, Actors and Other for Animals.

A MUST WATCH, take a look David Hasselhoff‘s beyond-amazing new music video, True Survivor.

The PodwitsWelcome back to another exciting episode of the Podwits Podcast!  This week, Brian and J. take up arms against the evil tyrant named Jerry Seinfeld – a man who dares to compare those who upload to YouTube to a giant garbage can!  But is there an ulterior motive to his mad claim?  Then the boys turn their sights to Disney XD and its decision to run ONLY the David Tennant years of Nu-Who… What shenanigans is this?  Finally, Brian asks J. to wax poetic about the evolution of spy music.  So sit back and relax your earholes, because this one is chock full of podcasting goodness!

PW_Pulp_RectDion and Brian are bringing knowledge to the table and dropping it all over each other — Brian’s hepped up on the tragically short-lived 2008 ABC Family series The Middleman, and Dion’s commemorating the 100th birthday of Lady Day herself, Billie Holiday. And along the way, you’ll hear about some groovy old pirate and Biblical movies, a couple recent celebrity passings, an unexpected sidetrip into the blaxploitation genre, and more. It’s edgimicational!

It’s International TableTop Day, a day to celebrate tabletop gaming in all its myriad awesome forms.  Brian and J. have gotten into the spirit, and for your viewing enjoyment they have faced off in a game of WizKids Games’ amazing Star Trek: Fleet Captains:

Enjoy our video of this crazy fun game, and when you’re done, go play some games!

The PodwitsThe Wits’ of Pod are back again for another exciting, riveting and enthralling episode of The Podwits Podcast! Brian Zino, J. Marcus and Dion Baia take a trip down memory lane with cable vs. the old school antenna, before they disseminate the new look and presentation of Television networks and if their names truly still reflect their content. The boys then chat about the delightful news that the 1966 Batman TV show will get its own animated movie in 2016, and then if Ryan Gosling is actually going to become the new John McClane in the Die Hard franchise, which leads to the question: do successful reboots and remakes flourish only because of their fidelity to the original brand? Hmm… All that, plus a brand new installment of the Borgninian Moment in this week’s edition of the Podwits’ Podcast!

The PodwitsOn this week’s trip into the grand unknown, J. and Dion take a look at how long is long enough to hit the old “reset button” on a beloved franchise.  Is it necessary?  Is it overkill?  Is it spit-and-polish on an old favorite whose luster is beginning to fade?  Or is it simply a business too concerned with the bottom line to care about top stories?  The boys kick it up a notch and bring their best to this heated debate and so much more!  Check it out only on this week’s Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsOh dear. Brian, Dion & J are back for another podcast, and this time it’s personal they’re working a bit blue because they found out about the amazing testament to human ingenuity called the Wankband. Which, of course, leads to a rumination on how easy kids today have it, since in our day we had to walk eight miles in the snow uphill both ways with no shoes to get our porn grumble grumble grumble… sorry. Ahem. Plus, evidence of a surprising friendship between Leonard Nimoy and… Burt Reynolds? Which leads to a sprightly game of Six Degrees and an appreciation of Ricardo Montalban’s pecs. Hoo boy, this one’s a doozy, kids. Enjoy!

What’s Brian Drinking? Brooklyn Brewery’s burly Black Chocolate Stout!