The PodwitsIn this very, very, very special episode of The Podwits Podcast the boys talk about seeing ‘horror’ in their youth, and more specifically, horrifying images in places that you wouldn’t normally expect to see it- like in Disney movies or on the BBC via PBS in America… (and what the heck was up with Disney’s dark side in the 1970′s anyway?!) Any who, come on down and hear what frightened their young, impressionable minds and turned them into the demented, pre-verted adults they are today. So come on and have a listen! #LookingForBlood


The Kurt Russell film that the boys couldn’t quiet remember the exact name of was Disney‘s 1969 classic, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

Behind the Big “S”

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Night of the Podwits!J. and Brian are digging into the Superman mythos in this week’s episode—see, when Brian read about the abortive Superman revamp attempt from 2000, and e-mailed J. about it, well, that got J. all fired up, and his explanation of why starts a Podwits-style look into the hows and wherefores of Superman and the many different ways the character has been handled over the years. Get in depth and personal with the Man of Tomorrow and the Podwits (the Men of Yesterday?) on this all-new, yellow-sun-powered Podwits podcast!

And now you can join in the discussion! Tweet us @Podwits and use the hashtag #Supermen to let us know which approach to the Man of Steel you like best!

The PodwitsBrace yourselves, brave Podwitians (is that a word?  It is now!  Thus claimeth the Podwits Administrator!)  Dion is exploring a new way to evacuate his… waste… in a way that could “CHANGE DA VORLD!”  Meanwhile… J leads a trip down television’s memory lane!  It’s a podcast that is both “educational and entertaining”, says Roger Stone of ‘Podcast Listeners Digest Weekly’ — or, rather, he would if he would only listen to it… or if he even existed.

So… Take a listen, won’t you?

The Podwits So- What’s Brian drinking this week? How do you like your history: Drunken or through Freestyle Rap? How about Spoiler Alert or just plain Shut Up!? Well step right up and get all your questions answered on this weeks exciting new edition of the Podwits Podcast!



Here’s how everything should end in How it Should of

Check out Funny or Die‘s Drunk History! 

Or perhaps you like your history told to you through Epic Rap Battles?

Geek out to your heart’s content on Tim Burton’s classic Batman and Batman Returns films at 1989

Looking for some place to vacation? How about Norilsk, the world’s northernmost city? 

Brian’s got some beer recommendations for you this week: Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel and Ayinger Urweisse.

The PodwitsThis week, on a very special “Podwits Podcast”, Dion opens his heart to “The Agents of SHIELD.”  Did it get broken, or is he smitten?  J. (with a little help from the good folks at tells of the real-life story of Superman vs. The United Nations.  Also, are fan films played out?  All this and more in another nail-biting episode of “The Podwits Podcast”!

The PodwitsOur three intrepid Podwits sure have watched and talked about a lot of TV shows and movies and books and comics over the years… but how did it all begin? Join the boys as the the screen goes blurry, the flashbacks begin, and they look through their own mental time tunnels to their first, formative exposures to the entertainment that shaped them. Doctor Who! Sherlock Holmes! Superman! Plus more blasts from the past, on this reminiscent, not-at-all midlife-crisis-ish episode of the Podwits Podcast!


Podwits PodcastThe Podwits are in the weeds this week- literally! After debating the merits of preservatives, the boys go on about huntingcamping, DIY home projects, and doing manly things to help reinforce their fragile egos and prove they are still in fact MEN! Keep their fire going and download the podcast today!





1970′s Las Vegas Home bomb shelter home for SALE.



The imfamious 14 month-old McDonald’s $1 cheeseburger, in all its wonder.



The PodwitsThe lads are back for an exciting, invigorating, and sensational edition of the Podwits Podcast! The band is back together and boy do they have a lot to catch up on!

Dion talks about a recent chat with actor Joe Piscopo which leads into discuss (or debate) for their love of the cult classic Dead Heat; Brian brings up some exciting Netflix/Marvel Comics news which segues into Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the fine acting chops of Clark Gregg (aka Agent Coulson). Plus the Borgninian Moment of the week is back!!! So come on down and have a listen!!!



Mark Goldblatt was the editor of The Terminator, who directed Dead Heat.

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Wages Of Fear Pulp Cover 1I have very fond memories of playing with my G.I. Joe’s and Construx on the carpet in the living room of my parent’s old New Haven home, a rug I now recall as an imagery world, that would encompass the area from under the bay window where which lived in front of me a massive 16″ Quasar cabinet television, to the large wooden coffee table some twenty feet away that guarded the couch and love seat my father would sit on, as he watched whatever TV show or films would come through on the 37 channels supplied to us by our cable provider via the tethered, piano-like Jerrold remote control that reached across the living room. While laying on my belly playing with my Joes who were knee-deep in shag carpeting, I would gaze up and watch 100′s of films that would go on to shape who I now am; seeing haunting glimpses of movies in that little tube-image, some of which I still do not now the names of.

Occasionally I’ll wake up from sleep or see something while commuting to work that will thrust be back into 16 Evergreen Court and onto that carpet, staring fixatedly at the unknown film that my father cared to watch. And then I have a new enigma to crack: to figure out years later by what I’d remember to determine what film was I actually seeing as a bystander in that living room, while my dad still thought I was only absorbed with the many battles that lay bare, just past the coffee table.

These weren’t the regular fare of movies I’d see and know and remember, stuff you recall watching from beginning to end, films you were aware of the title and stars and plots of. These instead were just snapshots of images, sequences and vignettes that I would only partly see but which would make such an impact, that they’re still with me even today. It’s taken me sometimes years, but I’ve figured out the names of such films that I were burnt into my retinas like The Boys From Brazil, Rage, Scarface, The Last Man on Earth, An American Werewolf in London, and the topper, the Granddaddy of them all, the guy who I didn’t figure out until junior year of college, William Friedkin‘s masterpiece, Sorcerer.

1977 Sorcerer film, <i>il Lazaro</i> truck on bridge

1977 Sorcerer film, il Lazaro truck on bridge, and a scene that for years haunted my memory until I was finally able to figure out what movie it was.

As stated in early articles here at The Podwits, my love for 1977′s Sorcerer grows every year with each viewing and I’d always dreamed it would be plucked from the fringes of movie purgatory that so many a great Hollywood film lies rotting and decaying a slow death in, and be restored to its formal glory. That finally happened last year when Friedkin announced he’d won the rights back from the studios that owned it, and at a Q&A at BAM theater that I attended, he announced he’d remaster and rerelease Sorcerer on DVD and Blu Ray so it could once again be viewed as it was intended.  I was able to meet and briefly chat with Mr. Friedkin, and leaving it dawn on me: I am such a fan of the film and the original 1953 French version by legendary director Henri-Georges Clouzot, a nail-biting masterpiece entitled, Le Salaire de la Peur or The Wages of Fear, that I never tried to search out the book these films are based on and from which the 1953 movie takes its name, Georges Arnaud‘s Wages of Fear.

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The PodwitsNo new podcast this week, folks.  Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, The Podwits can’t serve up a new cast this time.  HOWEVER, we’re happy to bring you back one of the tried and true audio delights from our past!

Set the Time Circuits to November 2012… Disney just bought Lucas, and the Podwits had a thing or two to say… After all, we ARE Internet know-it-alls!  J and Dion also take a look back at the show that was one of Joss Whedon’s most amazing (and underrated) masterpieces… “Firefly”!

Suit up!  The Podwits Are Go!