Wah-Hoo! Brian and Dion’s Sgt. Fury Podcast Is Available for Your Earholes’ Enjoyment!

SFcoverart600Hey, everyone, Brian and Dion have branched out and added another podcast to the ever-growing Podwits Podcast Network—Wah-Hoo! A Sgt. Fury Podcast is now a thing! Our two intrepid podcasters are reading Marvel Comics’ classic World War II comic Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, and in each episode of Wah-Hoo! they get deep into one issue of the mag, with a synopsis, page-by-page analysis of the writing and art, historical context and insights and, of course, the opinions and hilarity that you’d come to expect from them. Episode 2, in which Dion and Brian follow the Howlers into a concentration camp in an attempt to stop the Nazis from getting the Bomb, went live today. So go to http://furycast.podwits.com, or find Wah-Hoo! on iTunes (well, soon), and start following the rip-roaring WWII adventures of Sgt. Fury and his squad today!

Deep Thoughts, by J. Marcus

The PodwitsJ. Marcus gives Dion his immediate reactions to the appearance of the 12th Doctor in last week’s Doctor Who Season Debut, not mincing words or pulling punches. Has watching it a half a dozen times on the DVR and seeing it in the cinema changed his mind? Then the back-end of the ‘cast is filled with the news announced by Warner Brothers that no less than 10 DC Comic-related films are in the works, and they will ALL BE DEVOID OF HUMOR- is that the right thing to do, much less announce?! Cmon down and have a listen at a sparkling, pristine, new edition of The Podwits Podcast!


Check out the 1985 Doctor Who/We Are the World-esque mash-up called Doctor in Distress, to get the 6th Doctor back on the air.

If you feel so inclined (AND ARE OVER 18YRS OLD), go have a quick gander at the porn-parody of Doctor Who for free, courtesy of Woodrocket.com.



More Appeal

The PodwitsThis week the Podwits learn the valuable lesson of speaking from where you know.  Bri has studied up on The Avengers (not THOSE Avengers — Steed & Mrs. Peel) and is ready to share all that he’s learned.  Of course this won’t stop J. from bringing up the tawdry business of the newest Doctor Who product (and we’re not talking about the series premiere from tonight!)  Confused?  There’s only one cure for that!  A heaping dose of The Podwits Podcast.

No, The Other Avengers.

The PodwitsThere’s joy and sadness in this week’s all-new Podwits podcast, as the boys form a little appreciation society for the classic 1960s TV series The Avengers, and share their personal reactions to the passings of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. Plus Brian commits murder! (Well, insecticide.) Get all the laughs and all the feels — listen or download below!

In this podcast, J. mentions The Complete Emma Peel Megaset, and Brian talks about Bogart and Bacall: A Love Story by Joe Hyams.

A Case of an Mammalian Brain Surge

The PodwitsThe wits of Pod have the band back together and it feels so goodBrian praises Guardians of the Galaxy ; Dion casts his doubts about the new reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that hits theaters this weekend; and J.- well he does his best not to evoke that name which is not to be mentioned… (Hint: the guy with the big S, and even a bigger hint, it doesn’t work! ). The boys proceed to debate the merits of a good summer movie that has heart, and the crappy tent-pole film that only has one thing on its mind: your money! Plus The Podwits make some HUGE announcements! All that and an all new Borgninian moment! So come give it a spin!

Side-Cast: Remembering Hollywood Make-up Legend Dick Smith

In this very special edition of the Podwits Side Cast, Dion and contributor J. Blake celebrate the life of the “God among Gods“, SFX master, Dick Smith. They discuss his many groundbreakingSide-Casts achievements in cinema and touch upon the highlights of his extensive resume, bringing to light some films audiences may forget Smith was apart of. The boys then get to the gem of the cast (in their minds) and relay their personal, exciting and hilarious story of the time they spent an evening with the master himself, 15 years ago, at an event they organized.

It is truly an insightful and entertaining cast and a must for any film fan, celebrating the life and work of a great artist. Please come and have a listen!

A Pain In The “S”

The PodwitsThe Podwits are back with another senses shattering episode!  This isn’t a reprint or an imaginary tale… J. and Dion are back with some more thoughts on the one and only Man Of Steel!  This time, Dion is here to keep J. from flying over the edge, steering the ship towards the brighter harbors of the senses-shattering new trailer for Mad Max, as well as waxing poetic on the hilarious preview of the long-anticipated Simpsons/Family Guy crossover, the soon-to-be-released, fan-awaited 1966 Batman on home video and so much more!  Grab your cape and head for the window ’cause it’s time to go to work!

And, if you’re interested, check out the first two volumes of the definitive texts on the making of the original Star Trek here:

These Are The Voyages – Season One

These Are The Voyages – Season Two

RIP Hollywood Make-up Legend Dick Smith

Makeup Pioneer Dick Smith

Makeup Pioneer Dick Smith

The Podwits were saddened to learn that Oscar-winning make-up icon Dick Smith, who defined generations with his pioneering makeup effects, passed away July 30th at age 92.

Before CGI was common place, Smith practically invented techniques that are still used to this day, and is credited by Special Effects legends like Rick Baker and Tom Savini in spearheading where Universal Studios travel-blazer Jack Pierce left off, bringing make-up effects into the modern realm. His effects ushered in a new era, and not only did he patent the still used blood-cocktail for the representation of real blood on film, he pioneered the use of foam latex as a prosthetic, which is an industry standard today.

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Side-Cast: The Fake Shemp - The Bruce Campbell Podcast

Side-CastsDion and contributor J. Blake are back for an all new, exciting episode of The Podwits’ Side Cast! The topic today is the man, the myth, the legend…. Bruce Campbell; and all things Mr. Campbell! The boys get into the nitty-gritty and talk about his mainstream successes like The Evil Dead and Burn Notice, but also get into some lesser known gems like Moon Trap, Running Time and Crime Wave, and even some forget beauties like The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.and Bubba Ho-Tep. A mandatory listen for any Campbell or Raimi fan, or any Film fan for that matter!!! Come on down and have a listen!

(Editor’s Note: This podcast was recorded prior to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.)


Please check out J. Blake’s exclusive interview with the man himself, Bruce Campbell!

Podwits, Rapping

Night of the Podwits!That’s “rapping” as in “conversing”—about rapping! Dion and Brian hit quite a few of the big names from the history of hip-hop as they each discuss their personal experience with rap. Along the way, they hit digressions about “Weird Al” Yankovic, George R.R. Martin, and a one of Brian’s favorite (but long out-of-print) novels. Catch some rhymes with the Podwits! #Rapwits

David R. Palmer was not a teacher (as Brian asserts in the podcast) but worked as a court reporter, and so it’s not surprising that the protagonist of his novel Emergence kept her journal in shorthand, but it was Pitman shorthand, not Gregg shorthand (as Brian asserts in the podcast). The memory’s the first to go…