The PodwitsThe Podwits have a VERY special edition of the podcast this week, with AM 331′s own Yorkshire Girl in studio to expound on anything and everything that matters… And what does the lovely lady have on her mind? Horror movies; the amazing sub-subgenre that is the 1970′s TV movie; the love for Darren McGavin’s Kolchak The Night Stalker and Vincent Price; and, their obsession (and the UK‘s) with Peter Falk’s Columbo- plus a heck of a lot more! Yes it’s a jammed-packed episode, so come on down and have a listen!



Dion was mistaken when he said Clint Walker was in 1977′s SnowBeast, in fact it was Robert Logan.

Jeremy Brett was the actor who couldn’t be recalled that played Sherlock Holmes in the 1980′s.

Here is the website for all the Columbophiles in the world who want to know everything there is to know about the great detective.

Number 2 son, Victor Sen Yung’s great cookbook The Great Wok Cookbook, is here.

And Robert Conrad was the actor Yorkshire Girl and Dion could not remember who guested in a legendary Columbo, where we see one of the few times the policemen lose his temper.


Four-Color Fanboys

All-New Ultimates #1

All-New Ultimates #1 (© 2014 Marvel Comics)

Something remarkable is happening the world of mainstream superhero comics this week. And one of the best and most remarkable things about it is that no one seems to think it’s remarkable.

I’m talking about All-New Ultimates, Marvel’s new Ultimate Universe team book written by Michel Fiffe, with art by Brazilian newcomer Amilcar Pinna. A spinoff of both the long-running Ultimate Spider-Man title and the recent Cataclysm event crossover, what makes All-New Ultimates remarkable in my book is the makeup of its titular team: Four women (Black Widow, Bombshell, Dagger, and Kitty Pryde) and two black men (Cloak and Spider-Man).

As near as I’ve been able to discover in my research, that makes this the first superhero team starring in a book by a major mainstream publisher without a white male in it.

Let me be clear: I’m not advocating the exclusion of white males from superhero teams. What I’m applauding is this concrete evidence that a white male is not a requirement for having a superhero team.

That’s a big step in terms of representation and diversity in superhero comics, but making it even niftier is that no one seems to be making a big deal about it.

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Night of the Podwits!Dion and Brian are back on the mic and trying to be all edgimacational-like. Brian drops some (frequently inaccurate) learning on Dion about the famous 1953 Jazz at Massey Hall concert and Dock Ellis’ (alleged) no-hitter on LSD, and Dion schools Brian on the historic rediscovery of the classic British silent film Love, Life and Laughter and the collection of Depression-era crime scene photos called Evidence by Luc Sante. That, plus speculation on whether the Yellowstone supervolcano is about to blow (spoiler: it’s probably not), whether or not Legos are the tools of Satan (spoiler: they’re not), and the culinary legacy of Vincent Price on this deeply informative new episode of the Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsHis name was Laszlo Lowenstein… In this brand-spankin’ new edition of The Podwits Podcast, the boys are talking movies, and more specifically, their favorite comedies. What do they find funny? What do they think (in their HUMBLE opinion) was a miss? And what the heck is up with Arnold Schwarzenegger giving away spoilers for all his new movies? And then there are the Bible epics!!! Well the Podwits are here to answer all your questions this week, so come have a listen!

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Four-Color FanboysFour-Color Fanboys Issue 1: Lo, There Shall Come a PODCAST!

Exciting news, folks—Brian has teamed up with Al Sedano (of Resurrections—An Adam Warlock Podcast) to produce a new monthly podcast called Four-Color Fanboys! Every month they’ll talk about the comics they’re reading (both new and old), exciting comics-related news items, and whatever else strikes their superhero-lovin’ fancies. The first “issue” is now available for your listening pleasure, so go to the new Four-Color Fanboys website to download and give it a listen… Excelsior!

Night of the Podwits!J. and Brian are back to fill your earholes with scintillating verbal musings on John Byrne’s new Star Trek photo novel project, upcoming movie sequels both exciting and worrisome, and what exactly the Doctor’s chosen sobriquet actually means. Plus, Brian’s got a big announcement about… well, to find that out you’ll just have to listen to this all-new Podwits Podcast!

The PodwitsThis week is jammed back with fun! Dion gets J. to crack open his cranium and discuss his VAST knowledge of The Beatles, their renaissance, and the big ‘what if‘- if they’d reunited had John not been assassinated. The boys then touch on the recent deaths of 3 stars of the iconic Honeymooners series in as many months, Yoplait Yogurt, Robin Williams, slingbox and… Youtube on Fire (which The Podwits DO NOT condone nor endorse!)… Yes, they’re all over the map this time around! Come on down!

Night of the Podwits!Dion’s been rubbing elbows with some of comic book history’s heaviest hitters, including the legendary Jim Steranko, while Brian’s got worries about reawakened giant viruses and excessive focus on gender issues in science fiction. Then the boys talk about how to correctly aim your television aerial and reminisce about local TV listings from their childhood. Go check out Painting With Fire, the Frank Frazetta documentary Dion talks about… but do it after you listen to this high-spirited new Podwits Podcast!



Indy by Steranko

Concept art for Raiders of the Lost Ark by Jim Steranko

Side-CastsThis installment of the Podwits’ Side Cast find Dion and J. Blake on location at New York City’s famous Manganaro’s Hero Boy on the Westside for a lunch break while they attend this year’s 4th Annual Comic Book Marketplace Convention. The boys discuss collecting original comic book and cartoon art, the allure of small conventions as opposed to the clusterfunk known as Comic Con, and then digress into the famous celebrities who guested on The Scooby Doo Movies!  Come eavesdrop and have a blast!


Here is artist Mark Millar‘s zombified Clint Eastwood as the Man with No Name print J. Blake had autographed for Dion. 

Here is the Epic Battles cover J. Blake had commissioned by artist John Byrne.

Check out the legendary cartoon artist Bob Singer profile and interview we did right here at Podwits!


The PodwitsStrap yourselves in for a ride into the Wild Blue Yonder with The Podwits!  J. has anything but buyer’s remorse over his biggest, latest purchase… leaving Dion to ponder the moral implications of what is to come!  In the meantime, a major science fiction publication makes a comeback on the web in the form of a treasure trove archive!  Can your heart stand the excitement of a brand-new Podwits Podcast?