New Podcast: Dressing to the Left

Night of the Podwits!Dion and Brian are letting it all hang out this week! Dion’s been reading the classic Fu Manchu mysteries written a century ago by Sax Rohmer (real name: Arthur Henry Ward), and that’s got him and Brian biting into a heavy topic: could ol’ Fu, or other culturally problematic old heroes like Charlie Chan or Mr. Moto, have a place in the entertainment world of today? Find out what the Podwits think, plus the (kinda hilarious) meaning of our cryptic episode title, in this all-new podcast! #PodwitsTailoring

The black member of the Young Allies, whose name completely eluded Brian during this podcast, was Whitewash Jones.

Side Cast: The Zombie Genre

Side-CastsWith the success of their last Halloween themed Side Cast and posting on Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers where J.Blake and Dion Baia recommend some horror films they both feel may have fallen through the cracks or have been overlooked, the boys meet back at the Podwits studios to record a quick cast about the zombie genre. With the record-breaking premiere of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, they chat about some Living Dead films they think be have been forgotten and clutch for fans of the genre. Come take a listen to this speedy, ‘commuter cast‘ the boys did on the fly for another installment of The Podwits Side Cast!

Legendary Horror Director Dario Argento & Iggy Pop Need You!

Dario Picture

Two weeks ago an Indiegogo campaign went live, raising money for Italian horror master Dario Argento’s next film.  Based on E.T.A Hoffman’s short story “The Sandman” the film will star punk rock legend Iggy Pop as a serial killer “who murders his victims with a lethally jagged melon spoon and claims their eyes as trophies.”

A favorite of the Podwits off-shoot site, Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers, Dario Argento is a living legend in the horror genre and has given genre fans such memorable films as DEEP RED (1975), SUSPIRIA (1977) and OPERA (1987).  With this latest project, THE SANDMAN, he is asking his fans to participate; to help secure his artistic freedom and to allow them to truly be a part of something special…with some truly amazing contributor perks.

As the campaign approaches its midway point, the Sandman Team is still far from reaching its goal and can use your help.  If you are a fan of Dario Argento and/or Iggy Pop, or just a film lover, you can show your support following the below hyperlink to the Indiegogo campaign page.



To find out more about Dario Argento and his work, check out J. Blake’s interview with Argento-expert Alan Jones by CLICKING HERE.

And please check out SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE SLEEPOVERS where J. Blake & Dion Baia discuss a very special brand of genre film.


The Podwit Nemesis’s…Nemesises… Nemeses?

The PodwitsThis week’s Podwits Podcast is a battle royale between two titans of talk!  In this corner we have the Sultan of Sage, The King Of K-nowledge, The Scion Of The Cerebellum… BRIAN ZINO!  And in the other corner… The Master of Mediocrity, The Jack Of A Few Trades, The Ran Out Of Alliteration, J. MARCUS!


The two go head-to-head this week stretching their minds into legal territory over the incredible case of Red Bull’s defeat!  After slugging it out for a few rounds, it’s time for the two pillars of podcasting to turn their mighty minds towards one of the greatest divides in Podwits history… DOCTOR WHO!

Can J. piss on the parade before Brian makes his case?  Or will Brian return victorious?  Bring a tarp to this one folks, because it’s gonna be messy!

Check out Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers

Please pay a visit to our latest Podwits venture, Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!

Dion & J. Blake of Saturday Night Movie SleepoversDion Baia and J. Blake of the Podwits fame highlight films from their youth that would have typically been rented for a weekend sleepover by you and your friends. A new movie may be thrown into the mix to spice it up, but cult classics and forgotten gems will surely be featured on this podcast. So dig out those old video store membership cards, your Jiffy Pop®, and your jumbo 24-ounce bottle of cola, and prepare yourself for the ever-exciting, entertaining and informative Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers!!!

We Regret To Inform You…

The PodwitsThis week’s Podwits Podcast find the boys hitting every nuance of the emotional spectrum. They are thrilled as J. Marcus relays his reaction to the recent Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode; they are stunned and appalled over the breaking news regarding actor Stephen Collins; and they reminisce on word that the era of Saturday morning cartoons has finally come to an end; and J. breaks some BIG exclusive news. Plus an all new Borgninian moment of the week!  So take a listen today!!!

Help!… It’s the Hair Bear Bunch was the cartoon Dion could not remember.

Side Cast: October Horror Recommendations

Side-CastsTo help get the word out about their new Podcast Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers, Dion and J. Blake sit down to recommend 10 horror films for the Halloween season that they feel may be overlooked or forgotten in today’s times. The boys attempt to compile a list of amazing fright films that may not be considered first choice picks, but are a necessity for ANY horror fan. Along with their podcast, the lads have also co-wrote a companion posting over at Saturday Sleepovers, giving another 10 (5 each) that they couldn’t fit into the podcast but felt remise if they didn’t include as well. So please go have a listen and then go over to Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers to see the written list. We hope you enjoy!

Please check out J. Blake‘s new Blues album When You Coming Home? and check out his interview with Alan Jones, the premiere aficionado on everything Dario Argento.

Every Podcast Has a Beginning…

Night of the Podwits!Are you watching the new FOX drama Gotham? The Podwits are! J. and Brian are here to talk about the show, how its timeline jibes (or doesn’t) with what we already know about the Batman and his mythos, and how they’re enjoying the dramatic proceedings. Add in a (speedy) left turn into both the televised and comic-book incarnations of the Flash, and you’ve got one high-flying new episode of the Podwits podcast!

It Has Been Brought to Our Attention…

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Ooh… That Sounds Sexy!

The PodwitsStrap yourselves in for another breathtaking episode of The Podwits Podcast!  Dion and J. explore the Final Frontier in search of the truths behind one of the most popular television shows ever made — all the while, J. breaks all sorts of land/speed records by taking almost an hour to explain one of the most devastating things ever said by a Podwit!  It’s Earth-shattering!  It’s spellbinding!  It’s incredible!  One might even go so far as to say… it’s mediocre!  Let’s hear it for those masters of wit and pod… THE PODWITS!