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Drink Up with The Podwits!

Posted: 30th March 2013 by Podwits Administrator in Food, News, Podcast
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Pull up a chair and order yourself a drink!  It’s time for another stunning episode of the Podwits Podcast.  On the docket this week: How important is taste to your drinking experience?  Is podcasting under attack from sources most foul?  Is your new car under a new influence?  Will Batman and Robin escape this CAT-aclysmic […]

Legions of fantasy readers were thrilled earlier this month by the announcement that The Republic of Thieves, the (really) long-awaited third novel in Scott Lynch‘s Gentlemen Bastards Sequence, at last has a publication date (October 8, 2013). It’s been six and a half years since the last book’s release, in which time problems both personal and otherwise have […]

With J. missing and presumed to be enjoying the fruits of his various criminal endeavors on some island in the Caribbean out on medical leave, Brian and Dion speculate ignorantly about the Hasidic Lubavitch sect, then proceed to reminisce about the eventful history of detective Charlie Chan. Then, having run out of real-world groups to […]

David Brent, Ricky Gervais’ creation from the original (and far superior) British version of The Office  is back, courtesy of Britain’s Comic Relief, in a hilarious ten-minute short that updates fans on what the sad and cringe-inducing ex-Wernham Hoggpaper Company Department manager has been doing for the ten years since the brilliant series ended in the United Kingdom. […]

It sometimes can be perplexing to stop and think that every single item we use or come in contact with in our daily lives was designed by someone, who probably labored countless hours alone or with a team to make sure that idea is the best it can be from inception to market. In recent […]

Crotchety old Dion brings up his issues with television story arcs, ultra-violence on the small screen and then parlays with J and Brian about art in cinema. Is Film dead (to borrow from the late 1960’s adage about Rock)? Come take a listen as the boys beat the old man back into submission and stick him […]

On the Podwits Podcast, we don’t examine the greater mysteries of life, the universe and everything.  Mainly because the computer that we were using for such things was destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass, but we digress.  Instead, we look at the bigger picture of pop culture; where our movies are going and […]

Genuine science fiction is, thankfully, more common on TV than it is in the movies. Most “science fiction films” are really horror films or simple action films gussied up with spaceships, ray guns, or other “sci fi” elements that amount to little more than window dressing (see Event Horizon, Demolition Man). But when a TV […]

Dion takes us inside Tortilla Flats‘ recent 21st annual Borgnine Night, and the resulting reminiscences about Ernie and other recently departed celebrities (whether or not the Academy felt like mentioning them at its recent award-thingie shindig) somehow morph into a hard-hitting look at who, exactly, is entitled to the rights—creative, financial, and otherwise—when a work’s […]