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In this week’s episode our three heroes parry opinions about what is now banned in New York City elementary schools; The Land of Oz; Miles Davis and performer’s contract stipulations. They weight in on lengthy comic book legal battles,  comic-book reboots, and the Borgninian Moment of the Week, before they realize it is their 25th […]

Ever since those old “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials came out, some enterprising folks immediately capitalized on them and made an analogy between the two big comics companies, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. For anyone who has read on both sides of that aisle, the differences can be very much like night […]

Cinema geeks can cite scores of films, ranging from classics like  Clue, Murder By Death, or Weekend at Bernies, to Noises Off! or even Repo Man, that still are able to retain the mystique of being called underground classics, films that are known line for line in many circles but at the same time gloriously refrain from being called “cool” by the mainstream […]

Barsoom Boom!

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Our trio of trendy trippers returns to examine the giant steaming pile of box office fail that is Disney’s new John Carter movie, while Dion waxes crotchety about those dadgum kids with their rock ‘n’ roll music smoochin’ on his lawn. Why he oughta…

Anyone check out the new Verizon 4G LTE commercial?  It’s actually kind of clever:

The net is blazing with talk in response to Michael Bay’s admission that he plans to change the origin story of the four beloved main characters in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot… and not all of it is good.

With a couple of straight-up sci-fi stories under their belts, Big Finish Productions continues its long-awaited series of Fourth Doctor Adventures with something different from the Doctor Who toolbox: the historical adventure; more specifically, the historical adventure in which an injustice from Earth’s past leads to a debate about the ethics and desirability of changing history. The Wrath of the Iceni drops […]

This week, the boys do a little globetrotting to answer the age-old question: why does cheese that smells like feet taste better than the one that smells like it came from your butt?  The Podwits also have to come to terms with the ever-growing internationally acclaimed status of one of their own while not insulting […]

Last week Intrada released another expanded Star Trek score on CD.  This time it is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country by Cliff Eidelman.  With this entry, almost all of the original Star Trek film scores have been released in full except for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (though an expanded score was released for […]

As the Podwits’ Star Trek expert-at-large, I recently ran down my list of the top TOS-era Star Trek films with great gusto.  I have since refrained from doing so for the TNG-era films simply because it would be like picking the king of the morons. For the most part, none of the films had any kind of […]