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This week, on a very special “Podwits Podcast”, Dion opens his heart to “The Agents of SHIELD.”  Did it get broken, or is he smitten?  J. (with a little help from the good folks at tells of the real-life story of Superman vs. The United Nations.  Also, are fan films played out?  All this […]

Strap yourselves in for a ride into the Wild Blue Yonder with The Podwits!  J. has anything but buyer’s remorse over his biggest, latest purchase… leaving Dion to ponder the moral implications of what is to come!  In the meantime, a major science fiction publication makes a comeback on the web in the form of […]

Anyone check out the new Verizon 4G LTE commercial?  It’s actually kind of clever:

This week the ‘Three Caballeros’ bring you an entire episode recorded “live to tape”, with no pauses or stop-downs, including a live advertisement. They discuss shipwrecks, anti-piracy bills, $2 Verizon fees, and much more, along with another great Borgninian Moment of the Week.