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  The Podwits are in the weeds this week- literally! After debating the merits of preservatives, the boys go on about hunting, camping, DIY home projects, and doing manly things to help reinforce their fragile egos and prove they are still in fact MEN! Keep their fire going and download the podcast today!       Footnotes: 1970’s Las Vegas Home bomb […]

The Great Delicious North

Posted: 24th October 2013 by Brian in A Case of the Munchies, Food

A few weeks ago, the Empress and I lived one of the great romantic clichés: driving north to Niagara Falls to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We did all the usual touristy things—the tour behind the Falls, the White Water Walk, and the Butterfly Conservatory among others, and just enjoyed ourselves immensely. But it was in […]

I’m not a “foodie” in the traditional sense.  I don’t do intense research into the history of foods.  I also don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of traditional food groupings and an innate sense of which flavors should go together and which ones shouldn’t.  What I do know is what I like.  My taste buds are sufficiently […]

We live in an amazing world.  Did you know that there is a Jelly Bean out there that actually tastes like vomit?  How about a Snapple drink that actually tastes more like an apple than apple juice?  What if I told you that there is a potato chip out there that actually tastes like a […]

In November 2012, the United States had to say goodbye to an veritable institution as Interstate Bakeries finally succumbed to bankruptcy after many years of labor disputes and management problems. Interstate Bakeries was the manufacturer of two major staples of the American diet for many decades… Wonder… and Hostess.  It was because of this bankruptcy […]

I don’t know what the deal is with the good folks over at Pizza Hut nowadays, but I feel like they’ve let college students into their test kitchens.  It’s the only way to explain the recent rash of recipes to hit their stores.

Being the patriotic bloke that I am, I decided to celebrate the 4th of July this week by doing something incredibly American.  I ate bacon.  More specifically, I tried the Bacon Sundae from Burger King. The dessert is ‘hand made’ by the good folks at BK with vanilla soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrups […]