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pod·cast/ˈpädˌkast/ – A multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc.

pun·dit/ˈpəndit/ – An expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called on to give opinions about it to the public.

Podwits/ˈpäd-witz/ – US!!!





The Podwits will bring you the information you need to survive in this topsy-turvy world!

OK, not really… instead we bring you the news and information you really care about.  We’ve also been known to have an opinion or two…

So who are The Podwits?

DION BAIA – By way of Pasquale and out of Clare, Dion is probably the oldest soul you’ll ever meet. He sometimes feels like Alan Lomax because of all the period music he listens to. Dion grew up on a healthy diet of films, Macgyver, comics and vinyl’s of the Bill Cosby catalog. He likes to consider myself a fan of cinema and music; he went to film school when they actually still had you shoot the stuff and edit it linearly, and ended up in the complete opposite end of the business: Television. Dion’s the kind of guy who still speaks loud on long distance and falls asleep on the train waiting to hear the conductor say: “Next stop, Willoughby.” He is not much of a fan of where the world in general is heading, and continues to hoard his earnings so to build a gated compound where Dion can watch from afar what the third act has in store for us all.

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 J.MARCUS – A veteran of the human race that spans over thirty years, J. has studied terrestrial society at a number of levels without actually committing himself to a single one.  To say his tastes are eclectic would be to give eclectics a bad name.  His easy-going manner and occasionally off-kilter observations have caused many to doubt if he is, in fact, one of us… or perhaps just a badly-written alien character.  Host of the perpetually-on-hiatus MY WORLD with J. MARCUS and co-founder of THE 26(00)-YEAR DIARY, J. is constantly striving to prove that he knows something about anything.

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BRIAN J. ZINO – He’s a comic book nerd in a biker’s body. He plays World of Warcraft and reads VLFNs the size of rental properties, but gets obsessed with nutrition and fitness (on occasion). His two favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and Sons of Anarchy. His lifelong passion for progressive rock, heavy metal and jazz naturally led him to become a classical pianist and baritone. His heavy-duty love of baseball (specifically the Philadelphia Phillies) and soccer (likewise the Philadelphia Union) often get in the way of all the anime and BBC costume dramas he wants to watch. All these competing, contradictory impulses cause him no end of existential angst, which will most likely result in him holding the governments of the world to nuclear ransom until some smarmy womanizing git of a superspy tricks him into blowing up his own underground command base. Bleedin’ tragic. Superspies can be such bastards.

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