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It’s International TableTop Day, a day to celebrate tabletop gaming in all its myriad awesome forms.  Brian and J. have gotten into the spirit, and for your viewing enjoyment they have faced off in a game of WizKids Games’ amazing Star Trek: Fleet Captains: Enjoy our video of this crazy fun game, and when you’re done, go play some games!

This week finds the boys on the run, after an ill-advised attempt to play John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd, now recording their podcast from their current hideout, a waste-basket cabinet at a local Manhattan eatery. They briefly try to dissect whatever you want to call the latest act of buffoonery by Kanye West at this year’s Grammy […]

We Regret To Inform You…

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This week’s Podwits Podcast find the boys hitting every nuance of the emotional spectrum. They are thrilled as J. Marcus relays his reaction to the recent Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode; they are stunned and appalled over the breaking news regarding actor Stephen Collins; and they reminisce on word that the era of Saturday morning cartoons has […]

Two Old Farts

Posted: 13th September 2014 by Podwits Administrator in Games, Podcast
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In this week’s edition of “The Podwits Podcast”, Brian is missing and J. is transmitting from the secret underground bunker known as Camp Niven, but that doesn’t stop him from putting on his grumpy pants and engaging in a little game known as “In My Day” with his good pal, octogenarian Dion Baia.  As the two […]

  The Podwits are in the weeds this week- literally! After debating the merits of preservatives, the boys go on about hunting, camping, DIY home projects, and doing manly things to help reinforce their fragile egos and prove they are still in fact MEN! Keep their fire going and download the podcast today!       Footnotes: 1970’s Las Vegas Home bomb […]

And so the world didn’t end.  Take that Mayans!  So how do the Podwits celebrate the world continuing to spin?  By taking a look back at computers through the ages and the history of their beloved comic books (no Marvel vs DC talk here, we promise!)  So kick back with your favorite cup o’ egg […]

As a Star Trek fan growing up in the ’80s, I didn’t get a lot of love in my youth as far as video games were concerned.  When I was very young, I got to play the Star Trek Bridge Simulator for the Atari 2600.  By the mid-’80s, I got my first computer, an Apple IIc.  When I […]

Superman Is Gaming Kryptonite

Posted: 20th April 2012 by J. Marcus in Games
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This article was originally featured on and has been republished with permission from the site’s owner.  Please visit Kuma Kreations Entertainment! As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be Superman.  Those of you who are as old as I am can remember the really terrible Superman costumes that you could […]

Say the words “game” and “gaming” and most people these days will think about controllers and consoles and periodic downloadable content updates. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the default definition for those words was the good old fashioned boardgame. Coming from a pretty tight-knit family with a passion for mentally stimulating pastimes, […]