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For those of you who listen to “The Podwits Podcast” on a mobile device, rejoice for what you have as the Podwits 2 (Big Buck You-Know-What Hat was trapped in a remote location and unable to attend the recording) take a trip down Memory Lane at the way cell phones USED TO BE!  And is […]

As a Star Trek fan growing up in the ’80s, I didn’t get a lot of love in my youth as far as video games were concerned.  When I was very young, I got to play the Star Trek Bridge Simulator for the Atari 2600.  By the mid-’80s, I got my first computer, an Apple IIc.  When I […]

A Band In Your Pocket

Posted: 2nd November 2011 by J. Marcus in Software Review
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Yesterday I downloaded the Garage Band app for iPhone.  $4.99 is a lot to spend if, like me, you’re not particularly musical.  I never took a musical lesson in my life, and I can’t read a single note.  All I am armed with is an appreciation of music.  So I will say this.  For $4.99, […]