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And so the world didn’t end.  Take that Mayans!  So how do the Podwits celebrate the world continuing to spin?  By taking a look back at computers through the ages and the history of their beloved comic books (no Marvel vs DC talk here, we promise!)  So kick back with your favorite cup o’ egg […]

Internet rumors abound that the DVD rental giant Netflix, pulled from it’s streaming catalogue The Bodyguard (1992),  just to boost it’s DVD sales.  

A Band In Your Pocket

Posted: 2nd November 2011 by J. Marcus in Software Review
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Yesterday I downloaded the Garage Band app for iPhone.  $4.99 is a lot to spend if, like me, you’re not particularly musical.  I never took a musical lesson in my life, and I can’t read a single note.  All I am armed with is an appreciation of music.  So I will say this.  For $4.99, […]