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When Fiction Becomes Reality

Posted: 29th November 2011 by J. Marcus in News
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It can be cliche, but it’s oh so true.  It’s becoming more and more commonplace for reality to become fiction.  Witness the props of STAR TREK, or the futuristic inventions imagined by H.G. Wells.  The latest example comes from none other than Ray Bradbury, arguably one of the finest Science Fiction writers to date. It […]

Leaving Technology at Home

Posted: 27th November 2011 by Yorkshire Girl in Up on The Soap Box
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It was listening to this weekend’s podcast that got me thinking about technology.. Well not really technology as a whole but the commercial I saw a few weeks ago that has been on my mind ever since.

Here we go with their lists again… So Rolling Stone Magazine has compiled a list of what they call the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time”. The magazine supposedly used guitarists in the music world to vote.  Well what did Rolling Stone come up with might you ask? A bunch of hot steaming garbage if you ask me.

The Podwits are back and this time it’s personal!  While Dion, J. and Brian are more than happy to debate the virtues of the written word versus its interpretation in Hollywood, they also prove they’re not above shilling for everything from to Ahnold himself.  We may even shill for you too…

I guess no one really explained to Arnold what exactly the point is for an audio commentary track .

Before I write a single word more, I have to apologize.  I did not have my good camera to record this event, so the images contained from here on out are from my phone.  Better images WILL come soon. When I say that Superman has RETURNED (all caps), I mean the one and only Christopher […]

Anne McCaffrey, the veteran SF author most famous for her Dragonriders of Pern series, has died of a massive stroke at age 85, at “Dragonhold-Underhill”, her self-designed home in County Wicklow, Ireland. She was a groundbreaking pioneer in the genre – the first woman to win a Hugo Award for fiction (1968), the first woman to win a Nebula Award (1969), the […]

Once You Go Double Black…!

Posted: 22nd November 2011 by Tiberius in Food, News
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Look, I like Scotch…(I also like Roman orgies and gladiator movies, but that’s for another post)! And I’m generally a Johnny Walker man, as well! I started on Black Label, never really getting mixed up with the Red Label…too pedestrian, pardon the pun!  The Black is a 12 year old blended Scotch, but has a […]

Now on iTunes – The Podwits Podcast

Posted: 21st November 2011 by Podwits Administrator in Housekeeping, Podcast

Step right up and log on to iTunes where you can now subscribe to your favorite podcast… The Podwits Podcast.  Served fresh weekly from the iTunes store or here at for free!

You Will Believe A Brick Can Fly!

Posted: 20th November 2011 by Tiberius in Comic Books, Film, News
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DC Comics superheroes are returning in Lego form to defeat evil and defend truth, justice, and the American way! As we post this, DC Universe Legos are shipping around the world. Superman will be making his debut as a brick fighter as seen in the photo. He will be joined by Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, […]