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Dion and J. Blake are back for another exciting, hair-raising, and mind-blowing Side-Cast! This go around, the boys tackle the  plot device known as time travel. They chat about their favorite films that revolve around going back or forth in time, the paradoxes some of the movies lay out, and highlight some screen gems that […]

On Tuesday, the world lost pioneering science fiction author Ray Bradbury at age 91, and since then everybody and their mother has (quite correctly, in my view) been making all sorts of bereaved noises about his passing being a tremendous loss not just to our ghettoized little genre of science fiction but to literature and the […]

This week the masters of Wit and Pod are confronted with the shocking terror that is… The Feline Quadrocopter!  The Podwits then try to escape the horrors of Herman Munster and film stories that won’t die!  Is it Halloween?  No, but these frightening tales are not for those with weak hearts!  Listen… IF YOU DARE!!! […]

When Fiction Becomes Reality

Posted: 29th November 2011 by J. Marcus in News
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It can be cliche, but it’s oh so true.  It’s becoming more and more commonplace for reality to become fiction.  Witness the props of STAR TREK, or the futuristic inventions imagined by H.G. Wells.  The latest example comes from none other than Ray Bradbury, arguably one of the finest Science Fiction writers to date. It […]