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Dion and J. Blake are back for another exciting, hair-raising, and mind-blowing Side-Cast! This go around, the boys tackle the  plot device known as time travel. They chat about their favorite films that revolve around going back or forth in time, the paradoxes some of the movies lay out, and highlight some screen gems that […]

Dion and contributor J. Blake are back for another edition of the Podwits’  Side Cast. This time they take on a very weighty topic in the lore of cinema, the Post-Apocalyptic film. Believe it or not, a lot more movies than you may think end up inhabiting this horror/sci-fi/fantasy genre, and you may be surprised what Dion […]

Where to begin… As the Podwits celebrate their 1 year anniversary, they discuss The Walking Dead, the fall of the Roman Empire, comic books, the decline of society, Family Guy and lay out a treatment for an ABC-Disney Sunday Night movie. Oh yeah, lest we mention that Brian is currently incarcerated on the Rykers Island Prison Barge […]

Gotta Get Back In Time

Posted: 4th August 2012 by Podwits Administrator in Film, News, Podcast
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This week the wits of pod use their time travel technology to debate the merits of the return of the dinosaurs, the relative importance of 1974 and whether or not Alfred Hitchcock deserves to unseat Orson Welles as the auteur of the greatest film of all time!  It’s zany time travel goodness as only the […]