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Dion and contributor J. Blake are back and ready to kick 2014 off with a duesy of a topic: Before you had the DVD, VCR, or even the Multiplex, how else could fans continue to digest their favorite films after seeing them in the theater? Well the duo discuss the short-lived 1970’s genre called the fotonovel, and film novelizations. The […]

Halloween is here, Italian horror maestro Dario Argento’s latest film, Dracula 3D, has finally received distribution in the U.S.A. (through IFC Midnight) and the band Goblin, who contributed so many great scores to Argento’s earlier films (as well as many other Italian horror classics) is finishing up the first leg of their recent American tour. […]

What is a Podwit to do in this crazy, maddening, evolving (for better or for worse) world?! Do the classics in film (or any art for that matter) age like a fine wine or do they deserve to be torn down and placed against what is now called a “classic” by today’s critics? Also, do franchises suffer or […]

The boys are at it again, firing off on all cylinders this week! They discuss the technological ‘advancements‘ J has made in his methods of recording, Dion’s improv review that tours the convalescent-home circuit, and Brian getting back to nature with his upcoming weekend camping excursion… and it’s Free Comic Book Day! Give the old vinyl a […]

With the first photo release of Anthony Hopkins as Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock found here, this film seemed like it could be the best and most exciting vehicle from Hopkins in almost twenty years.

With Halloween just around the corner, my wife and I are starting our annual horror festival, where we watch a bunch of scary movies to usher in October 31st (we tend to do this for a lot of the holidays, which can be a boat-load of fun!). But this got me thinking- there are a ton, and […]

Gotta Get Back In Time

Posted: 4th August 2012 by Podwits Administrator in Film, News, Podcast
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This week the wits of pod use their time travel technology to debate the merits of the return of the dinosaurs, the relative importance of 1974 and whether or not Alfred Hitchcock deserves to unseat Orson Welles as the auteur of the greatest film of all time!  It’s zany time travel goodness as only the […]

Can you spot who this is? Here’s the first look at Anthony Hopkins filling the shoes of one of the greatest directors of all time in the upcoming film Hitchcock.