With the first photo release of Anthony Hopkins as Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock found here, this film seemed like it could be the best and most exciting vehicle from Hopkins in almost twenty years.

At first glance, Hopkins looks amazing as the legendary director, but your eyes start to see the flaws in his make-up as the films trailer goes on, I believe it is completely psychological, and no matter how FX make-up evolves, I think it is the human mind that will want to find something wrong. But let me get my car out of the weeds..

The part of Hitch looks like a role that after years of breezing through un-challenging parts, is something Hopkins can finally sink his teeth into.

The film looks like it will be good and might be looking to jiggle itself in the face of the upcoming 2013 award shows, as it may very well warrant. It seems to deal with Hitchcock’s ordeal to get the Robert Bloch book Psycho made into a feature in 1959, and shows that in the mind of Hollywood “know-it-all’s” it doesn’t matter how many blockbusters you have under your belt, or popular television shows, they will still give you problems about an interesting project.

The film’s sub-plot looks to be the strain (and strength) of the relationship between Hitch and Alma Reville (played by the marvelous Helen Mirren), which will be very interesting. Other notables in the cast are Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles, Danny Huston, Ralph Macchio, Kurtwood Smith, and Michael Wincott as the notorious serial killer that everything was based on, Ed Gein.

So needless to say, I’m excited. Have a look and see for yourself.