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What No Man Has Seen Before…

Posted: 31st December 2011 by J. Marcus in Science Fiction, Television

Everyone knows the story.  Gene Roddenberry shot “The Cage” as the pilot for a new show called Star Trek.  It starred Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike and was deemed “too cerebral” by the network.  In a rather unheard-of move at the time, Roddenberry was given the chance to try again.  This time, “Where No […]

As promised in this week’s edition of the Podwits Podcast, I’m running down my list of the best Star Trek films as the Podwits’ Trekkie-In-Chief. First, for those who may not have heard the podcast this week, we’re only talking about the original Star Trek films, and not the ones featuring either the Next Generation cast or the […]

When doing the this week’s Borgninian Moment, I momentarily lapsed on 2 facts that I would like to correct now.

One time travelling automobile, cleverly built by a mad scientist and operated by an intrepid young man. One deceased primate that may or may not have been famous. One of them was sold at auction, one the subject of controversy. What do they have in common? Um, nothing, really… except that both get caught in the conversational […]

Last night I watched an old favorite of mine, which I was ecstatic to discover had aged like a fine wine, not like an old can of skunked beer.  I hadn’t seen it in probably 15 years and had my doubts. Luckily, it held up just fine, and definitely gave the recent “re-visioning”  of the franchise a […]

Dion and J. dive back into the Toybox to rediscover the playthings of our youth.  From Mego to MacFarlane, Turtles to Terminator, we leave no plastic stone unturned.

More Muppets!…Can It Be?

Posted: 25th December 2011 by Tiberius in Christmas, History, Music, Television, The Muppets

The Muppet love is endless at The Podwits this Christmas! We have uncovered many forgotten Muppet-centric holiday heart-warmers! My final Muppet post is this fantastic rendition of an Emmet Otter song, originally sung by Emmet’s Ma, and later covered in 1979 by the late John Denver and Robin the Frog on the “John Denver and the […]

The Christmas Toy…Story?!

Posted: 24th December 2011 by Tiberius in Christmas, History, Television, The Muppets, Toys
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I was recently encouraged to watch a long forgotten Muppet special from way back in 1986! Even I, a long time Muppet aficionado, somehow missed this one… So I gave it whirl… Oh Boy! What I discovered was so shocking, I was forced to make the children leave the room or else their psyche would […]

The three amigos break new ground, exploring the JFK assassination and Ed and Keenan Wynn; then digress into such normalities as vintage comic book stores, 80’s action movies and the out-of-date Eastern European Terrorist plot device, before rounding out the chat with hand surgery and good old Grover and John Wayne Gacy references. Fun for […]

Not Only is DIE HARD one of the great Action movies, It is a GREAT Christmas movie! Bruce Willis is brilliant as NYPD’s John McClane! Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber became the model for bad guys for a decade, and the future Snape in the Harry Potter films! And Reginald VelJohnson eventually starred in an unofficial spinoff after his […]