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Well Dion and J. Blake are back again for another round in a late Fall (and pseudo) part 3 edition of their hugely popular “Horror Remakes” Side-Casts—but this time around, instead of tackling the reinterpretations of classic fright films, the lads instead discuss what really scared them specifically as children; what films and television, and the […]

While something no doubt unspeakable has happened to J (we don’t know either—tweet your most creative theories to us @Podwits!), Dion and Brian are talking music (and linguistic history, and The Walking Dead, but mostly music). The boys discuss Black Sabbath, the Doors, the joys of shows at small venues, and how they don’t always […]

One time travelling automobile, cleverly built by a mad scientist and operated by an intrepid young man. One deceased primate that may or may not have been famous. One of them was sold at auction, one the subject of controversy. What do they have in common? Um, nothing, really… except that both get caught in the conversational […]