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Dion and J. Blake are back for another exciting, hair-raising, and mind-blowing Side-Cast! This go around, the boys tackle the  plot device known as time travel. They chat about their favorite films that revolve around going back or forth in time, the paradoxes some of the movies lay out, and highlight some screen gems that […]

This week I finally had the pleasure of watching the screen adaptation of Herge’s The Adventures of Tintin, and I really can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I’d been waiting for it to be released for over a year-and-a-half, after hearing the exciting news that Steven Spielberg would helm the project, teaming up with […]

One time travelling automobile, cleverly built by a mad scientist and operated by an intrepid young man. One deceased primate that may or may not have been famous. One of them was sold at auction, one the subject of controversy. What do they have in common? Um, nothing, really… except that both get caught in the conversational […]