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Strap yourselves in for another breathtaking episode of The Podwits Podcast!  Dion and J. explore the Final Frontier in search of the truths behind one of the most popular television shows ever made — all the while, J. breaks all sorts of land/speed records by taking almost an hour to explain one of the most devastating things […]

Well Dion and J. Blake are back again for another round in a late Fall (and pseudo) part 3 edition of their hugely popular “Horror Remakes” Side-Casts—but this time around, instead of tackling the reinterpretations of classic fright films, the lads instead discuss what really scared them specifically as children; what films and television, and the […]

When Piranhas Attack!!!

Posted: 18th November 2011 by Yorkshire Girl in News
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I was shocked today to learn that Thousands of flesh-eating piranhas have been attacking swimmers in Western Brazil and have bitten at least 15 people.   Ever since watching Roger Corman’s Piranha (1978) at the age of 6 and refusing to go into the water for months after that, I have finally had all my fears […]