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Review by Luke Whitmire   The masterful David O. Russell directs another enthralling and compelling oddball drama that centers on a bipolar son and his dysfunctional family. In the hands of Russell, Hollywood’s brilliant humanist  filmmaker, Silver Linings Playbook is easily the best romantic comedy of the year. Like his 2010 The Fighter, Russell’s subject […]

With Halloween just around the corner, my wife and I are starting our annual horror festival, where we watch a bunch of scary movies to usher in October 31st (we tend to do this for a lot of the holidays, which can be a boat-load of fun!). But this got me thinking- there are a ton, and […]

In this week’s episode of The Podwits Podcast we discover that even superheroines need to examine their own breasts.  J. steps into the wayback machine and brings back the technologies of yesterday!  A top ten list strikes a sour note with Dion!  Brian tries desperately not to throttle them both!  And can one man bring […]