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In this week’s episode of The Podwits Podcast we discover that even superheroines need to examine their own breasts.  J. steps into the wayback machine and brings back the technologies of yesterday!  A top ten list strikes a sour note with Dion!  Brian tries desperately not to throttle them both!  And can one man bring […]

The Podwits are back and this time it’s personal!  While Dion, J. and Brian are more than happy to debate the virtues of the written word versus its interpretation in Hollywood, they also prove they’re not above shilling for everything from to Ahnold himself.  We may even shill for you too…

This is the story of a TV show that lost everything, and the one company who had no choice but to keep them all together. OK, it’s a stretch, but I’m bloody GIDDY!  The Associated Press is reporting that Netflix (confirmed on the Netflix Twitter account), the company that’s finding ways to keep me paying, has partnered with […]

I Give This a Thumbs Ehhhhh…

Posted: 7th November 2011 by J. Marcus in News, Television
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In case you missed it, like I did, film critic Roger Ebert has a new program that debuted earlier this year called EBERT PRESENTS: AT THE MOVIES.  But after decades of thumbing his… thumb at one movie or another, it looks like he might have to pack it in and stick to print. On his […]