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This week’s Podwits Podcast is a battle royale between two titans of talk!  In this corner we have the Sultan of Sage, The King Of K-nowledge, The Scion Of The Cerebellum… BRIAN ZINO!  And in the other corner… The Master of Mediocrity, The Jack Of A Few Trades, The Ran Out Of Alliteration, J. MARCUS! (applause) […]

Where to begin… As the Podwits celebrate their 1 year anniversary, they discuss The Walking Dead, the fall of the Roman Empire, comic books, the decline of society, Family Guy and lay out a treatment for an ABC-Disney Sunday Night movie. Oh yeah, lest we mention that Brian is currently incarcerated on the Rykers Island Prison Barge […]

Take THAT, Successful Movie Sources!

Posted: 4th November 2011 by J. Marcus in News
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The AP is reporting that DC has overtaken Marvel Comics for the first time in almost 10 years. It’s no coincidence that the jump in sales comes at the same time that DC decided to relaunch its top-tier characters in an event dubbed “The New 52”.