The PodwitsThis week’s Podwits Podcast is a battle royale between two titans of talk!  In this corner we have the Sultan of Sage, The King Of K-nowledge, The Scion Of The Cerebellum… BRIAN ZINO!  And in the other corner… The Master of Mediocrity, The Jack Of A Few Trades, The Ran Out Of Alliteration, J. MARCUS!


The two go head-to-head this week stretching their minds into legal territory over the incredible case of Red Bull’s defeat!  After slugging it out for a few rounds, it’s time for the two pillars of podcasting to turn their mighty minds towards one of the greatest divides in Podwits history… DOCTOR WHO!

Can J. piss on the parade before Brian makes his case?  Or will Brian return victorious?  Bring a tarp to this one folks, because it’s gonna be messy!