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This is the Podwits XXX Parody, and the “XXX” stands for “exciting, exceptional and extra-studio (meaning we’re outside the studio once again!)  The boys in pod talk about the most fun you can have for $15, whether or not there really IS a Santa Claus and J reveals the most uncomfortable event he’s ever witnessed. […]

Before I write a single word more, I have to apologize.  I did not have my good camera to record this event, so the images contained from here on out are from my phone.  Better images WILL come soon. When I say that Superman has RETURNED (all caps), I mean the one and only Christopher […]

You Will Believe A Brick Can Fly!

Posted: 20th November 2011 by Tiberius in Comic Books, Film, News
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DC Comics superheroes are returning in Lego form to defeat evil and defend truth, justice, and the American way! As we post this, DC Universe Legos are shipping around the world. Superman will be making his debut as a brick fighter as seen in the photo. He will be joined by Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, […]