Once You Go Double Black…!

Posted: 22nd November 2011 by Tiberius in Food, News
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Look, I like Scotch…(I also like Roman orgies and gladiator movies, but that’s for another post)!
And I’m generally a Johnny Walker man, as well!

I started on Black Label, never really getting mixed up with the Red Label…too pedestrian, pardon the pun! 

The Black is a 12 year old blended Scotch, but has a smoother taste and finish that makes it worth the extra money.

But then, WAIT…what’s this?  Gold Label?  Where did you come from?

It turns out, around the 1990’s, an 18 year old blend of single malts made it’s appearance, and really impressed me!  It is one of the smoothest Scotches available…at least as far as I’m concerned!

But as if that wasn’t good enough, Johnny Walker Blue was unveiled!  It is a very expensive, but smooth blend of several scotch whiskeys that give it a rich malty taste.  Each bottle is blue and packaged in a silk-lined box and is individually numbered.  It usually costs about $170.00 a bottle, if you know where to shop! You’re welcome, Dad!

More recently, Johnny Walker Green Label made its’ appearance in the US.  I recall seeing this in Hong Kong, when I lived there, and in foreign airports in the 90’s, and now in America.  It is a 15 year old blended malt that also has a nice taste for the money.

However, now a bold new comer has appeared.  JOHNNY WALKER DOUBLE BLACK!

I am very pleased to state this is an excellent addition to the line up!  Just as smooth as original Black Label, but with an added smokey flavor from aging in charred oak barrels.  It costs an average price of $45 a bottle, but is really worth it, especially if you can enjoy it with a nice, preferably Cuban, cigar!  That’s how I recently experienced it, thanks to my very generous host…Thanks, Sean!

Often these reviews can come across as a commercial for the products, but I truly enjoyed the Double Black!  As the holidays are approaching, and more cocktails are being served, I’m sure your friends and guests will be pleased by it’s wonderful taste!


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