The PodwitsThis week finds the boys on the run, after an ill-advised attempt to play John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd, now recording their podcast from their current hideout, a waste-basket cabinet at a local Manhattan eatery. They briefly try to dissect whatever you want to call the latest act of buffoonery by Kanye West at this year’s Grammy Awards (cue insert foot here graphic). They then progress (or digress) into how companies can be complete and utter douches, and shrine their Podwit-flashlights on the mega company that controls Red Bull and their war on a small Virginia microbrewery, and another company’s attempt to retain a copyright to the beloved property Wheel of Time, even going to the extreme action of buying overnight-infomercial time to play a haphazardly done pilot, staring of all people, Billy Zane.  It’s good times had by all by pointing of the ironies of the day, with yet another fun-fueled installment of The Podwits Podcast!