Two Old Farts

Posted: September 13, 2014 by Podwits Administrator in Games, Podcast
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The PodwitsIn this week’s edition of “The Podwits Podcast”, Brian is missing and J. is transmitting from the secret underground bunker known as Camp Niven, but that doesn’t stop him from putting on his grumpy pants and engaging in a little game known as “In My Day” with his good pal, octogenarian Dion Baia.  As the two lament the passing of what may have been the greatest generation, will someone please put on some Matlock and calm these two down?!?!  I think Dion may have soiled himself… And honestly, J. really needs to put his teeth back in — It’s unsightly.  *shudder*.  Enjoy the nostalgia in this week’s mind-bending episode of “The Podwits Podcast”.

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