The PodwitsThe ‘Wits of Pod are all over the place this week! Brian lays out his new exercise regiment, utilizing The Couch-to-5K ® Running Plan, before they dash into the highly recommended documentary about the BBC series Sherlock entitled Unlocking Sherlock. Then the lads get into a spirited discussion about VFX pioneer and filmmaker Douglas Trumbull‘s new 4K 3D 160fps MAGI system and if it could actually save Cinema or, in fact be another costly gimmick that just pushes moviegoers away? And Social Media‘s purpose in society is redeemed in the fellas’ minds after an anonymous Sleuth in Philly helps solve a Hate Crime! All that, plus a new Borgninian moment, and a what’s-Brian-drinking-tonight, so… come on down!!! #PodwitsBeer