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 So- What’s Brian drinking this week? How do you like your history: Drunken or through Freestyle Rap? How about Spoiler Alert or just plain Shut Up!? Well step right up and get all your questions answered on this weeks exciting new edition of the Podwits Podcast!   Footnotes: Here’s how everything should end in How it […]

I was recently discussing my feelings about composer James Horner with a friend on Facebook.  If the name is unfamiliar to you, I guarantee that his music is familiar.  He has scored films for over 30 years and won two Oscars® (both for his work on Titanic). In addition to his accolades, Mr. Horner has also […]

100 Years Ago Today…

Posted: 15th April 2012 by Dion in News, Obituaries, Up on The Soap Box

At 2:20 am, RMS Titanic slipped beneath the waves of the North Atlantic and, of the 2,223 aboard, 1,517 lost their lives.

This week the ‘Three Caballeros’ bring you an entire episode recorded “live to tape”, with no pauses or stop-downs, including a live advertisement. They discuss shipwrecks, anti-piracy bills, $2 Verizon fees, and much more, along with another great Borgninian Moment of the Week.