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Dion’s been rubbing elbows with some of comic book history’s heaviest hitters, including the legendary Jim Steranko, while Brian’s got worries about reawakened giant viruses and excessive focus on gender issues in science fiction. Then the boys talk about how to correctly aim your television aerial and reminisce about local TV listings from their childhood. […]

Accept no substitutes!  The Podwits are back once again and THIS time it’s personal!  The boys picked up a few good books and are talking remakes.  Do we really need ’em?  And WILL comics legend Frank Miller ever make a decent movie again?  The Podwits race through all this and more… but did someone cut […]

Barsoom Boom!

Posted: 24th March 2012 by Podwits Administrator in Podcast
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Our trio of trendy trippers returns to examine the giant steaming pile of box office fail that is Disney’s new John Carter movie, while Dion waxes crotchety about those dadgum kids with their rock ‘n’ roll music smoochin’ on his lawn. Why he oughta…

In this week’s exciting installment, the gang asks who the world’s greatest detective really is?  Dion’s got something to say to Robert Downey Jr. fans, we delve into the mystery of Solar Pons and look at predictions of the world of 2001 (what wonders it will bring)!  All that, and a Podwit runs afoul of […]