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This week on an all new episode of the Podwits podcast, the boys do a show about them prepping to do a show while at the same time, doing a show. Sound confusing? Well imagine being a part of it! They chat about concepts of time and exactly what the heck the Podwits are doing when […]

This week, the boys do a little globetrotting to answer the age-old question: why does cheese that smells like feet taste better than the one that smells like it came from your butt?  The Podwits also have to come to terms with the ever-growing internationally acclaimed status of one of their own while not insulting […]

A State of Red

Posted: 29th October 2011 by J. Marcus in Film Review
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This weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting and watching the much ballyhooed film RED STATE by Kevin Smith. The first think I can say will echo what many others have said… and that is “this ain’t your father’s Kevin Smith film!” I never thought I’d mention ANYBODY’s father and Kevin Smith in the same […]