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One could argue that few film franchises are more polarizing among horror fans than the HALLOWEEN series and of the installments featuring Michael Myers, it is HALLOWEEN II that is, perhaps, the most controversial. Considered by some to be a worthy follow-up to its now legendary predecessor and by others to be a steamy pile […]

The good folks at Eon Productions have been the caretakers of the James Bond franchise, through thick and VERY thin for almost 50 years.  Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig… These names roll off the tongue rather easily as all being the aliases of 007.  Thanks to the” miracle” […]

Bread and Circuses…!

Posted: 13th November 2011 by Tiberius in Housekeeping, News
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Hello! I’d like to thank my hosts on this blog site, those fellows at the top of the page, for allowing me to participate… This weekly column of mine should be exciting, informative, newsworthy, nostalgic, and even sometimes completely untrue! I usually have a lot to say about a lot of things, so I hope you […]

Dylan Dog- Dead of Night is DOA

Posted: 10th November 2011 by Dion in Film Review
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For the month of October, my fiancé and I try to only watch horror films to celebrate Halloween. I went on the old Netflix and loaded up the queue with some old and new, so we would hopefully have a selection of good quality horror to help balance out all the shit we end up […]

While I’m definitely running out of reasons to continue giving NETFLIX my hard-earned cash, I was pleasantly surprised to find two reasons to be happy I’m still paying.   One was the previously reviewed RED STATE by Kevin Smith. The other was the arrival of William Shatner’s documentary THE CAPTAINS. The premise of THE CAPTAINS […]

A State of Red

Posted: 29th October 2011 by J. Marcus in Film Review
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This weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting and watching the much ballyhooed film RED STATE by Kevin Smith. The first think I can say will echo what many others have said… and that is “this ain’t your father’s Kevin Smith film!” I never thought I’d mention ANYBODY’s father and Kevin Smith in the same […]