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Station 51…KMG 365!

Posted: 15th January 2012 by Tiberius in History, Television
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On January 15, 1972, a new NBC television drama premiered that changed many lives, and may have even saved a few, too! This show, EMERGENCY!, featured two Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedics manning Squad 51, supported by doctors at Rampart General Hospital, with Engine 51 as their firefighting equivalent. Paramedics were relatively new in most places […]

I like the Muppets! I think they lost their edge after the 1979 release of The Muppet Movie, but that happens when you go main stream… Before that, Jim Henson was making big plans for his company.  The Muppets were on Sesame Street.  They had their own TV show, The Muppet Show.  They had made numerous […]

 This is a shameful post, especially for someone who goes by the name, Tiberius! However, what’s even more shameful is I was among the over 30 MILLION viewers who witnessed the 2nd royal wedding of 1981…THE WEDDING OF LUKE AND LAURA! On November 17, 1981, the beloved superstars of ABC’s General Hospital finally were wed […]

Bread and Circuses…!

Posted: 13th November 2011 by Tiberius in Housekeeping, News
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Hello! I’d like to thank my hosts on this blog site, those fellows at the top of the page, for allowing me to participate… This weekly column of mine should be exciting, informative, newsworthy, nostalgic, and even sometimes completely untrue! I usually have a lot to say about a lot of things, so I hope you […]