This is a shameful post, especially for someone who goes by the name, Tiberius!

However, what’s even more shameful is I was among the over 30 MILLION viewers who witnessed the 2nd royal wedding of 1981…THE WEDDING OF LUKE AND LAURA!

On November 17, 1981, the beloved superstars of ABC’s General Hospital finally were wed after two plus years of rape, running from the mob, and undermining a plot for world domination!

These characters were played beautifully by Genie Francis, now married in real life to Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes, and Anthony Geary, who is still a fixture on the show!












But you know what, I’ve recently watched it all again, thanks to a wonderful YouTube member who goes by the name Sussezq!

I often remembered enjoying those story lines, and just happened to stumble on the YouTube posts.  I just couldn’t resist re-watching! It was addictive…I just kept viewing the over 800, ten minute posts, until I finally was rewarded again with “the wedding”!

These two characters made watching a soap opera “cool” for a few years between 1978 to 1982, and I guess, for many millions of people who would usually never watch otherwise…

I recall coming home from school “to watch my stories” and learn what could possibly happen next to these two heroes!

This was undoubtedly “the golden age” for General Hospital as a whole thanks to fresh writing, and bold producing.

Stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Milton Berle, Demi Moore, John Stamos, Janine Turner, and Rick Springfield and Richard Simmons were featured prominently during these years, in addition to the regulars who populated the show’s home, Port Charles.

After seeing it again, I have to say, I really did enjoy it all.

Sadly, shortly after the wedding, Genie Francis chose to leave the show for prime time movies and shows, taking with her the magic as well.

The stories that followed in the months after were convoluted to say the least, almost as if it was now a different show.

Luckily, the pair were often reunited in the years that followed, but to this day, true fans will ALWAYS look back at the earlier years as the best!

Eventually, a young Tiberius had to grow up, too. But I’m glad I was able to relive the adventures of daytime TV…!






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