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KA-POW!  WHAM!  ZOWIE!  Onomatopoeias start flying as the Podwits run down some of the best and worst representations of superheroes on film and television!  So get out your cape, put on that mask and strap yourself in for this Podwits SPECIAL presentation… “Superheroes on Celluloid”

With all the buzz surrounding Zack Snyder’s new Superman film “The Man of Steel”, it’s almost amazing that we haven’t seen any actual footage yet.  The excitement from the studio seems almost palpable.  The first still of Henry Cavill as Superman hit the net and polarized the audience.  Half of the public felt at long […]

Dylan Dog- Dead of Night is DOA

Posted: 10th November 2011 by Dion in Film Review
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For the month of October, my fiancé and I try to only watch horror films to celebrate Halloween. I went on the old Netflix and loaded up the queue with some old and new, so we would hopefully have a selection of good quality horror to help balance out all the shit we end up […]