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This week, on Podwits Crossfire!: What are the acceptable limits of fan behavior? On one side, representing law, order, self-awareness, and a cautious approach to velour, it’s J. Marcus! And on the other side, representing chaos, board games, and flags of the freak variety, it’s Brian! Plus: dead people cosplaying, that time Brian thought he’d […]

Last week Intrada released another expanded Star Trek score on CD.  This time it is Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country by Cliff Eidelman.  With this entry, almost all of the original Star Trek film scores have been released in full except for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (though an expanded score was released for […]

As the Podwits’ Star Trek expert-at-large, I recently ran down my list of the top TOS-era Star Trek films with great gusto.  I have since refrained from doing so for the TNG-era films simply because it would be like picking the king of the morons. For the most part, none of the films had any kind of […]