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The Wits’ of Pod are back again for another exciting, riveting and enthralling episode of The Podwits Podcast! Brian Zino, J. Marcus and Dion Baia take a trip down memory lane with cable vs. the old school antenna, before they disseminate the new look and¬†presentation of Television networks and if their names truly still reflect […]

Genuine science fiction is, thankfully, more common on TV than it is in the movies. Most “science fiction films” are really horror films or simple action films gussied up with spaceships, ray guns, or other “sci fi” elements that amount to little more than window dressing (see Event Horizon, Demolition Man). But when a TV […]

Brian and J. are on their own this week and left to ponder the canon of Dion, the inevitable courtship of Superman and Wonder Woman and Jessica Hamby’s beyond-cute video blog!¬† All that and the return of a venerable (?) sci-fi television series on this week’s Podwits Podcast!